Live and Learn Spanish at a Language School in Mexico

It's cheap, accessible, fun and vibrant.

Why not learn Spanish in Mexico, at a Spanish language school?

Consolidate and accelerate your learning Spanish in a Hispanic country!

A Mexican Spanish language school is likely to be a great experience, and they are usually very reasonably priced.

Living in a country to learn the language is a popular, and time-tested way of getting a fast, solid grounding in a language, and there are great advantages in learning with native speakers in their home environment, in a 'Total Immersion' situation.

There are dozens and dozens of Spanish language schools in Mexico.

...and while there are a number of excellent schools where you can learn Spanish language in Mexico, you need to put in quite a bit of research to ensure that you find a school that meets your needs and requirements. We talk about this later on this page.

A concentrated onsite language course in a Hispanic country like Mexico is a great way to learn and consolidate your spoken and written Spanish and enables to see and feel Spanish 'in action'. By being on the spot, and surrounded by the living language the learning experience is heightened.

You can immediately put your learning into action.

However, if you are a beginner, the speed at which Hispanics talk is going to sound like just a rattle of machine gun fire. The longer you stay in such an environment the greater will be your ability to take in the language, and soon you will begin to understand more and more.

Therefore the longer you can stay in country, as a Spanish language school, the more you will learn, and the deeper will be your understanding.

And you will find, that language learning is a never-ending quest! You can go to a Spanish language school even if you are an advanced student. There are lessons and packages for all levels, tastes and budgets.

Check out:

  • Our list of Spanish courses in Mexico, and some of the websites of some of the many Spanish language schools.

    And remember, while there are numerous high quality computer based language learning systems around, a class-room course with a good teacher with whom you can interact is still a great teaching/learning tool, even in today's computer age. . . .

  • have an effective Spanish vocab learning system. Check out about learning Spanish at the rate of 200 words a day.

    Such a course of study BEFORE you hit your Spanish language school in Mexico, will give you a terrific head-start before your classes. You can really hit the ground running, from a standing start.

  • learn some elementary grammar and learn how to form Spanish verbs. Initially however, do not get TOO stressed about being perfect at grammar, ... it will come...

  • learn Spanish phrases. Build a repertoire, use them and be ready to make, accept and learn from your mistakes.

  • then put all your learning into practice, by getting in to conversation with local people.

  • you should also learn loads of idioms and proverbs, because it these idiomatic expressions that really make up a big part of everyday speech.
  • To really accelerate your learning - only talk Spanish.

Live Hispanic and Learn Spanish in Mexico

Cuernavaca Language School - Cuernavaca

Center for Bilingual Studies - Cuernavaca

Don Quijote-Guanajuato - Guanajuato, Mexico
Don Quijote Spanish Language Schools is a chain that also has 7 schools in Spain. All their Spanish language schools follow set curriculums, and the beauty of this group is that you can change from one school to another within their chain for different parts of your learning program.

So for example, you might start your Beginners' Course in Mexico, then transfer to Barcelona or Madrid in Spain for the next course.

So this way you can start to learn Spanish in Mexico, then within the same teaching structure, continue your studies in one or more of the schools in Spain.

Instituto Cultural Oaxaca - Oaxaca

IMAC - Guadalajara

Escuela de Querétaro - Querétaro

Institute of Spanish - San Luis Potosi

Baja Spanish School - Baja California Sur

Recursos - Puerto Penasco

IDEL - Cuernavaca

Baja California Language College - Ensenada

Se Habla...La Paz - La Paz
Se Habla...La Paz

Amigos del Sol - Oaxaca Spanish in Mexico in Oaxaca.

Cuauhnáhuac - Cuernavaca

Centro de Idiomas Del Sureste - Merida
Learn Spanish in Mexico

OLÉ Spanish School - Querétaro

Instituto Benjamin Franklin - Merida
Learn Spanish in Mexico

Centro Cultural de Lenguas - Morelia

Spanish Institute of Puebla - Puebla

Cancun Spanish Institute - Cancun

Solexico - Playa del Carmen and Oaxaca - Playa Del Carmen

Experiencia - Cuernavaca - Cuernavaca

Instituto Chac-Mool Total Immersion Courses - Cuernavaca

Academia Vinigulaza - Oaxaca

Español Interactivo - Oaxaca

Centro de Idiomas - Mazatlan - Mazatlan

CICC La Paz - La Paz

Vistas Intercultural Institute - Colonia Jalatlaco Oaxaca

Playalingua del Caribe - Playa Del Carmen

Acalli - Cuernavaca

Baden Powell Institute - Morelia
Baden Powell Institute

La Escuelita Cuernavaca
La Escuelita

Habla Hispana Spanish School - San Miguel De Allende
Habla Hispana Spanish School

Habla Hispana Spanish School - Merida
Habla Hispana Spanish School

Spanish Study Program - Playa Los Cocos
Habla Hispana Spanish School

Tlatoani - Buenavista De Cuéllar

Cetlalic - Cuernavaca Language School - Cuernavaca
Cetlalic - Cuernavaca

Anders Languages - Cuernavaca
Anders Languages -tuition in Spanish langauge

FEPE - Querétaro

Solexico - Language Centers in Playa del Carmen and Oaxaca -

Academia Hispano Mexico - Mexico City
Academia Hispano Mexico

School of Spanish and Artistic Studies - Guanajuato

Experiencia - Tepoztlan - Tepoztlan
Experiencia - Tepoztlan

Spanish Language Center of Cuernavaca - Cuernavaca
Spanish Language Center of Cuernavaca, Mexico

Tlaloc - Cuernavaca

Instituto de Lengua y Cultura de Yucatan - Merida
Instituto de Lengua y Cultura de Yucatan

Spanish4U - San Miguel De Allende

Mexico School of Spanish - Cuernavaca
Mexico School of Spanish

Vancouver Language Centre - Guadalajara
Vancouver Language Centre

Dunham Institute - Chiapas
Dunham Institute

International Spanish Institute - Ensenada
International Spanish Institute

Instituto Jovel - San Cristóbal De Las Casas
Instituto Jovel

Casa de la Fuente - Cozumel

Center of Languages - Ensenada
Center of Languages

Cetlalic - Tepoztlan - Tepoztlan
Cetlalic - Tepoztlan

Spanish For All - Mazatlan
Spanish For All

Academia Hispano Americana - San Miguel De Allende
Academia Hispano Americana

Ideal Latinoamerica - Cuernavaca
Ideal Latinoamerica

Linguistic Center - Valladolid
Linguistic Center

Universal - Cuernavaca

Bilingual Academy - Veracruz
Bilingual Academy

Cemanahuac - Cuernavaca

K'u-Kuul-Kaan Academy - Merida
K'u-Kuul-Kaan Academy

Mexart - San Miguel De Allende

Spanish Dialogues - Cuernavaca
Spanish Dialogues

El Bosque del Caribe - Cancun
El Bosque del Caribe

Centro Lingüístico y Cultural - Oaxaca

Becari Language School - Oaxaca
Becari Language School

Español Training Center - Puebla
Español Training Center

Encuentros - Cuernavaca

INTERCULTURAL Language and Culture Center - Cuernavaca
INTERCULTURAL Language and Culture Center

SLI - Spanish Language Institute - México
SLI - Spanish Language Institute

Solexico - Oaxaca - Oaxaca
Solexico - Oaxaca

Chiapas Spanish School - Chiapas
Chiapas Spanish School

Instituto Tonali -Spanish School - Guanajuato

CICU - Cuernavaca
CICU Spanish School

Programs available all year round (except holidays.) for professionals, college students, teenagers and families. Immerse yourself on vacation.

CEPE - Guadalajara - Guadalajara
CEPE - Guadalajara

Instituto Allende - San Miguel De Allende
Instituto Allende

Centro de Estudios Americanos - Saltillo
Centro de Estudios Americanos

Instituto Miguel de Cervantes - Guanajuato
Instituto Miguel de Cervantes

Escuela Mexicana - Guanajuato
Escuela Mexicana

Instituto de Comunicación y Cultura - Oaxaca
Instituto de Comunicación y Cultura

Spanish Language School - Guadalajara
Spanish Language School

Linguas Centro de Idiomas - Guadalajara
Linguas Centro de Idiomas

Academia Falcon - Guanajuato
Learn Spanish in Mexico at the Academia Falcon
So, let's hope that you can find what you want from this wide range of Spanish language schools in cities and towns all over Mexico. There is many, many a great place to learn Spanish in Mexico!

And that is Mexican Spanish in Mexico! Which is slightly different to the Spanish spoken in Spain. Different in the same way as US English differs from English from England.

Find a Spanish language school that suits you...

When it comes to learning Spanish, every person's needs and goals are different.

So, it is important that you find a language school that meets YOUR requirements, and that suits YOUR language learning goals, and aspirations. You will need to do quite a bit of research to find the place that really suits you.

Do you want it casual and relaxed? Language lessons in the morning with sightseeing and shopping in the afternoons?

Do you want one on one intensive tuition?

...or the social interaction of a classroom with several classmates of the same linguistic level?

Do you want a recognized qualification in Spanish language? What do you want in terms of this 'recognized' qualification?

Some schools are accredited by large universities, and their courses can be credited towards a formal degree.

Others offer nationally or internationally recognized language diplomas, certificates etc.
So you really may have to do a lot of research to find the Spanish language school in Mexico that really meets your needs.

Email the ones whose websites appeal to you, and gather as much information as possible before you make your final decision.

Enjoy it!

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Learn Spanish in Mexico at a Mexican Spanish language school.
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