Learn Spanish 200 Words a Day

Yes, you can do it, and many people can learn Spanish 200 words a day and greater than 200 words a day. . .

The great Memory Masters of the World teach us that to remember something you just need to see it, in your mind, in a crazy scene.

Try this...

The Spanish word for cap is GORRA

(Sounds like GORE A).

So imagine a girl has to GORE A couple of holes in her cap to fit it over her ANGORA goat's horns.



Learn Spanish 200 Words a Day©

How simple is that?

You can learn hundreds of words in very little time. Each lesson only takes 5 to 12 minutes, after which you can test yourself and check your progress.

Perfect for the busy person on that quick business trip to grab the functional basics of a language. All the things you need are covered - Travel, Restaurants, Hotel, Greetings.

Perfect for the serious student learning Spanish. Build a solid base of Spanish words and phrases, a foundation from which to develop all the other areas of the language.

Perfect for that vacation in that Hispanic country, allowing you to learn the functional basics of the Spanish language.

Watch your learning rate with pride! You will be pleasantly surprised!

Each word is spoken by Native Speakers giving you the correct pronunciation.

The best course available giving you a fun, cartoon for every single word, meaning you will remember the picture, so you can more easily remember the word, given that 'a picture paints a thousand words...'.

Your brain never forgets a picture.

Try another one. . .

crocodile is


Imagine a crocodile called Craig who is a COCO DRILLO, paid to drill holes in coconuts.



Learn Spanish 200 Words a Day©

Note that Craig Crocodile and his client are both male, so the word is masculine. You learn the gender with no extra effort.... and you just cannot help but remember the cartoons.

You can see how easy it is to learn Spanish 200 words a day using these techniques.

I bet you will remember these for a long time yet.

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