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Bookmark this page for your Spanish word of the day palabra del díawhich is updated daily...

In fact we give you two free Spanish words a day!

The first one given in Excelerated Learning fashion uses the word and picture association techniques the 200 Words a Day Learn Spanish method.

Spanish Word of the Day

and here's another bonus Spanish word of the Day!

What has the World Trade Center attacks got to do with remembering a new word...?

To remember a new free Spanish word of the day requires one to hook, or link that word with a vivid, mental image that will trigger the memory of the word.

Or it may trigger something that gives you a key piece of the jigsaw to unravelling and remembering that word.

Many tens of thousands of people in the world will remember exactly what they were doing when they heard the shocking news that Princess Diana had died.

Or when they heard of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York.

Likewise many Americans will remember exactly what they were doing when it was announced that President John F. Kennedy had been shot.

These events were so shocking that one's activity at the time becomes indelibly printed in the memory.

If we can learn a new word or phrase at times like these they would be with us forever.

However, we can achieve the same result, simply by using that incredible piece of computer-machinery, the human brain.

We do this by conjuring up and visualizing amazing events in our minds to create MEMORY TRIGGERS to remind us of things that we want to remember. They do not have to be disastrous, or tragic events such as those described above. They can be wildly humorous, funny, crazy.

Likewise if we take a new word, such as one from the this Free Spanish word of the day page, and create a crazy scene that reminds us of the word, we can remember the scene and the word more easily.

The World Memory Masters teach us that this is the key to remembering new words when learning a new language.

You can do this when learning your new free Spanish word of the day, by thinking of a wild, dramatic or funny, crazy, zany mental movie that links to the word you are trying to remember.

So if the Spanish word for 'CAT' is GATO imagine a cat eating a chocolate GATEAU!

So you conjure up the image of a large cat chomping on a chocolate gateau, and try to visualize the scene in your mind. See all the detail and spend some time on it. You really need relax and concentrate to think up a detailed image in your mind.

The system does work and is taught by the great Memory teachers like:

  • Tony Buzan, in his book Master you Memory.
  • Dr Bruno Furst.
  • Magician Paul Daniels, who conducted feats of memory on stage and taught memory courses.
  • and others....

However there is an even more effective system....

One which takes the work away from you so that you don't actually have to visualize, because the system provides it all for you, by providing the student with a zany picture, as a Memory Trigger. You just look and absorb the picture and you have the trigger implanted in to the memory.

It also comes with audio - sound, text, and can involve all the learning styles - visual, audio and kinesthetic!

To learn more about the system which can unleash your learning powers to enable you to remember and recall your free Spanish word of the Day

when you want to.

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