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If you need help Spanish lessons and information are freely available here on this resource site Learn Spanish Help. Free Spanish lessons, on Spanish verbs, Spanish grammar, Spanish words and vocab. Verbs, conjugations, culture lessons, histories and maps of Spanish speaking countries are all included.

Check out speedy methods of vocab learning, such as the ability to learn and remember 200 Words a Day of Spanish.

We look at software for the student of Spanish, books, courses and material. The latest tips and techniques are here.

There are lists of Spanish language schools in many of the Hispanic countries.

There is loads of information on the various Spanish speaking countries, with maps, flags and loads of statistics and facts.

There is an online Spanish Dictionary - free, and online free Spanish Translator. There are links to useful sites.

Info on Spanish magazines, books and Spanish learning products that are useful for the student of Spanish. Need any help with learning Spanish - it's all here.

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Free Spanish Lessons

If you need help Spanish lessons on grammar, verbs, vocab, phrases & lots of other topics are here and available.
Menu of Free Spanish Lessons
Menu of Grammar Lessons - more lessons specifically on Grammar
Accentuation - Accents are added to letters in words when the accent is in a 'no-standard' place. There are 3 situations - where the accent is on the last, second-to-last, or 3rd to last syllable. Each has a special name - aguda, grave, esdrújula.
Argentine Spanish
Common mistakes
Count in Spanish - will help Spanish students learn to count.
Days of the week
Happy Birthday in Spanish
I love you in Spanish
Learn Spanish Bank Post-Office
Learn Spanish colors
Learn Spanish Verbs - more lessons specifically on verbs. Will help Spanish students learn the tricky Spanish verbs.
Months in spanish
Numbers in Spanish
Say Hello in Spanish and good morning, good afternoon, good evening etc.
Accents & Dialects
Spanish phrases
Ten in Spanish - more counting lessons.
The Lords Prayer in Spanish
Time in Spanish

Spanish Grammar

Expressions with Tener - tener is a very important word.
Imperfect Tense
Spanish Adjectives
Spanish Adverbs
Spanish Conjunctions & Prepositions
Spanish Genders
Spanish Grammar
Spanish Prepositions
Word stress & accentuation - more help Spanish students may find useful - with pronunciation, strong and weak vowels, dipthongs etc


Learn Spanish Verbs
Imperfect tense
Verb Conjugator - conjugate any Spanish verb free with a button click.


Spanish vocab
Spanish vocabulary - one of lots of vocab lessons.
Word of the Day
Spanish words
Thank you in Spanish
To have in Spanish - tener - Tener is a crucial verb in Spanish with lots of uses. You need it also to talk about the weather!
What in Spanish is the word for xyz? Find it here using the online translator.
What is the Spanish word for - find any Spanish word.
Word in Spanish - more free Spanish vocab lessons.


Translation is a very important way to improve your language, structure & vocab skills. You should do it regularly. You can also find a Translation Service here for those documents you want translated by skilled translators.
Free Spanish translation - use the online translator to translate words, phrases & sentences from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.
Spanish Translate - How to use translating to rapidly improve your Spanish language skills.
Spanish Translation - find a translator for your Spanish docs.
Translate Spanish


Spanish books
501 Spanish Verbs

Spanish Dictionary

See also translation.
Spanish Dictionary

Spanish Speaking Countries

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Puerto Rico
Spanish Countries

Flags of Spanish Speaking Countries

Flags of Spanish Speaking Countries
Flag of Andorra
Flag of Argentina
Mexican flag

Histories of Spanish Speaking Countries

History of Spanish Speaking Countries
History of Argentina
History of Bolivia
History of Mexico part 1 - early Mexican history.
History of Mexico part 2 - post independence.

Maps of Spanish Speaking Countries

Maps of the countries and also of some of the main cities.
Menu Maps of Spanish Speaking Countries
Map of Andorra
Map of Argentina
Map of Belize
Map of Bolivia
Map of Chile
Map of Colombia
Map of Costa Rica
Map of Cuba
Map of Dominican Republic
Map of Ecuador
Map of El Salvador
Map of Gibraltar
Map of Guatemala
Map of Honduras
Map of Mexico
Map of Nicaragua
Map of Panama
Map of Paraguay
Map of Peru
Map of Puerto Rico
Map of Spain
Map of Uruguay
Map of Venezuela

Spanish Link

Spanish links - links to useful sites for the student

Spanish Magazines

Piensa en Espanol
Spanish Magazines - a list of magazine links that can help Spanish learners with their studies.

Spanish Newspapers

Keep up to date with the news and practise your Spanish simultaneously. Translating articles regularly will greatly help Spanish language students with their vocab, structure & grammar.
Spanish Newspapers - hundreds of links to Spanish newspapers, all the major Hispanic newspapers. Use one as your home-page.

Spanish Schools

Check out the Spanish Schools where you can live and learn Spanish in a Hispanic Country. Total immersion is important at some time in the learning process. These schools are designed to help Spanish learners in 'total immersion' environments.
Learn Spanish in Alicante
Learn Spanish in Almunecar
Learn Spanish in Argentina
Learn Spanish in Barcelona
Learn Spanish in Bolivia
Learn Spanish in Cadiz
Learn Spanish in Chile
Learn Spanish in Colombia
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica
Learn Spanish in Cuba
Learn Spanish in Dominican Republic
Learn Spanish in Ecuador
Learn Spanish in El Salvador
Learn Spanish in Granada
Learn Spanish in guatemala
Learn Spanish in Honduras
Learn Spanish in Jaca
Learn Spanish in Madrid
Learn Spanish in Malaga
Learn Spanish in Nicaragua
Learn Spanish in Oviedo
Learn Spanish in Panama
Learn Spanish in Peru
Learn Spanish in Salamanca
Learn Spanish in Seville
Learn Spanish in Spain
Learn Spanish in Spanish regional center
Learn Spanish in Valencia
Learn Spanish Overseas


To contact us for help Spanish learners can use this online form.

Website Building

How to Build a Website - how to build a website and build traffic to it.

Help Spanish
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