Live Spanish to learn it! Learn Spanish in El Salvador.

To learn Spanish you are best to live and breathe Spanish in a Hispanic country. Learn Spanish in El Salvador.

A great way to improve your language skills is Total immersion. It is a good way to help more quickly learn Spanish, well that is, to learn real Spanish as it is actually spoken . . . but on its own it can be limiting, and daunting so it does need a plan that combines numerous key elements.

You need to combine:

  • a good comprehensive, preferably concentrated course, with a good teacher with whom you can talk, interact, communicate and practise. . . .

  • have an effective Spanish vocab learning system, and with modern accelerated language learning techniques you can learn Spanish at 200 words a day.

    A big vocab base gives you lots of 'tools in that learning to speak Spanish toolbox'.

    This is now possible with modern techniques and software. Spend more effort initially on vocab rather than grammar. . .

  • learn some basic grammar. Initially however, do not get too hung up on perfecting grammar.

  • Get a grasp of the main verb patterns. Spanish verbs are much more tricky than English verbs, and they drop the pronouns while talking, so that you really have to know those many dozens and dozens of verb endings.

    But help is at hand for those who wish to learn Spanish verb construction. New cutting edge courses can assist you with learning the patterns, so that you are ready for 90% of the Spanish verbs used in conversation. For the student, learning verbs is an on-going and never ending exercise, but you can learn the Spanish verb patterns and get a sound handle on them. Click here for more on learning Spanish verbs.

  • learn Spanish phrases…., use them and make mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the more your improvement will be, by getting them corrected, hence a good reason to have that teacher.

  • then put it all in to practice, by talking to locals. Only talk Spanish. Old people and little kids are good to talk to when learning Spanish, Old people love to talk! ..... and so do kids!

    ....and there are many courses listed on this site offering home-stays with local families.

    Until you develop a level of fluency, avoid anyone who only speaks to you in your native tongue. They should only speak Spanish to you, and vice versa(no matter what level).

    Enjoy the experience of total immersion language learning in a Spanish speaking country. Learn Spanish in El Salvador!

    Live and Learn Spanish in El Salvador

    Cuzcatlan - San Salvador - Learn Spanish in El Salvador

    Salvaspan Spanish Courses - Puerto De La Libertad Learn Spanish while you Surf!

    Melida Anaya Montes - Colonia El Roble, San Salvador
    CIS El Salvador Language School

    Enjoy learning Spanish by living Spanish. Learn Spanish in El Salvador.

    Contact us for more info if you want to learn Spanish in El Salvador!

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    Learn Spanish in El Salvador
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