Aprende el horóscopo! Learn the Spanish horoscope.

Learn how to read the Spanish horoscope & zodiac. Aprende el zodíaco en español

Check out the stars!

If you are learning Spanish you will need to be able to read the horóscopo español. Check below for the translations of the words and some 'horoscope-type' vocabulary.

Here are the signs of...

The Zodiac in Spanish
Los Signos Astrológicos

The words of the Spanish horoscope are all very similar to their English counterparts, with only a few exceptions.

  • Aries in Spanish is Aries.

  • Taurus in Spanish is Tauro.

  • Gemini in Spanish is Géminis.

  • Leo in Spanish is Leo.

  • Virgo in Spanish is Virgo.

  • Cancer in Spanish is Cáncer.

  • Libra in Spanish is Libra.

  • Scorpio in Spanish is Escorpio

  • Sagitarrius in Spanish is Sagitario.

  • Capricorn in Spanish is Capricornio.

  • Aquarius in Spanish is Acuario.

  • Pisces in Spanish is Piscis.

Here are some other words related to the Spanish horoscope and zodiac

The Spanish word for: horoscope is el horóscopo. You can now superlearn Spanish words like those in the list below at rates exceeding 200 words a day with modern memory techniques! It is not hard when you know how.

21 Marzo - 20 Abril
- ram in Spanish is el carnero.

21 Abril - 20 Mayo
- bull in Spanish is el toro.
21 Mayo - 21 Junio
- twin in Spanish is el gemelo.

22 Junio - 22 Julio
- crab in Spanish is el crangrejo.

23 Julio - 23 Agosto
- lion in Spanish is el león.

24 Agosto - 22 Septiembre
- virgin in Spanish is a virgen.
- the (Blessed) Virgin Mary - la (Santísima) Virgen Mary.

23 Septiembre - 22 Octubre
- scales (for weighing things) are las balanzas.

23 Octubre - 22 Noviembre
- the Spanish word for scorpion is un escorpión and also un alacrán.

22 Noviembre - 21 Diciembre
- the word for archer in Spanish is un arquero or una arquera (feminine).

22 Diciembre - 19 Enero
- the Spanish word for goat is la cabra

20 Enero - 18 Febrero
- water in Spanish is el agua.

19 Febrero - 20 Marzo
- the Spanish word for fish is el pez

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