Learn to count in Spanish....from one to ten, from one to one hundred, from one to millions!

Learn to count in Spanish.

One of the first things a beginner must do when learning Spanish is to learn to count.

There are ways to speed this up, and make your recall more efficient.

Learn with Ricky Martin's Song - count from one to ten in Spanish, well ... nearly

You may have heard Latino pop singer Ricky Martin's song in which he starts by counting in Spanish, uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, cinco, seis.

If you know this one, you are nearly able to count in Spanish up to ten...

...but just remember the repeating of cinco is for musical effect!

Anyway, here goes. Dive in and learn to count in Spanish for the following:

  • learn to count in Spanish one to ten,
  • count from one to a hundred in Spanish
  • learn to count in Spanish from one to a thousand
  • learn to count in Spanish from one to a million in Spanish and beyond!

Count in Spanish from Zero to a hundred, 0 to 100

0 .. cero
1 .. uno
2 .. dos
3 .. tres
4 .. cuatro
5 .. cinco
6 .. seis
7 .. siete
8 .. ocho
9 .. nueve
10 .. diez
11 .. once
12 .. doce
13 .. trece
14 .. catorce
15 .. quince
16 .. dieciséis
17 .. diecisiete
18 .. dieciocho
19 .. diecinueve
20 ... veinte
30 ... treinta
40 ... cuarenta
50 ... cincuenta
60 ... sesenta
70 ... setenta
80 ... ochenta
90 ... noventa
100 .. cien (ciento)

Notes on learning to count in Spanish

21, 22, 23, = veintiuno, veintidós, veintitres, etc.
veinte y uno where the 'y' (and) is replaced by an 'i'.

31, 32, 33, etc. = treinta y uno, treinta y dos, treinta y trés, etc.
where the 'y' remains as a separate word.

cien is used for exactly 100.
cien libros = one hundred books

ciento is used for numbers 101-199.
ciento cinco, cien mil = 105, 100,000.

una, cienta are feminine forms of uno and ciento
and must be used with feminine nouns.
setenta y una casas = 71 houses.

So now let's learn to count in Spanish up to a million or more...

Now you know how to count to a hundred in Spanish, you just follow the same patterns and you'll soon get to be able to count in Spanish to a million and beyond.

Be sure to read about the few little traps in Spanish counting here and there...

101 ... ciento uno
102 ... ciento dos
150 ... ciento cincuenta
200 ... doscientos
201 ... doscientos uno
300 ... trescientos
301 ... trescientos uno
400 ... cuatrocientos
401 ... cuatrocientos uno
500 ... quinientos
600 ... seiscientos
601 ... seiscientos uno
700 ... sietecientos
740 ... sietecientos cuarenta
800 ... ochocientos
900 ... novecientos
1,000 ... mil
1,000,000 ... un millón
2,000,000 ... dos millones
3,000,000 ... tres millones

...did you notice something about the number 500 in Spanish?

500 ... quinientos

Yes, be careful of that one. It sounds a bit like:


so an easy way to remember this is with a little cartoon...

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& a few more numbers in Spanish...

1999 ... mil novecientos noventa y nueve
2004 ... dos mil cuatro
2222 ... dos mil doscientos veintidós

and here's how to count first, second, third etc in Spanish

first ... primero (primera = feminine)
2nd ... segundo (segunda = feminine)
3rd ... tercero (tercera = feminine)
last ... último (última = feminine)

...but be careful of these little Spanish counting traps...

While the Spanish says primero, segundo, tercero be aware when learning to count in Spanish that they say: el primer piso and el tercer piso.

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Learn to count in Spanish the 200 Words a Day! way

Learn how to count in Spanish
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