Sort through the chaff on Spanish Language Learning. Get the essential facts here.

Trying to learn the Spanish language? There is so much to choose from for the budding student of Spanish. This site helps you sort through the hundreds of options and tells you the essential things you need.

Learn Spanish Books

Bamboozled by the hundreds of Spanish books available for the student?

Our 'Learn Spanish Books' picks some essential ones and gives you a review and a brief. Then you can buy it online from this site which links to Bookseller giant, for whom this site is an official Associate.

We pick the best book on:

  • Spanish VERBS,
  • the best one for Spanish Grammar,
  • the best Spanish language courses,
  • the best Spanish language CD-ROMS,
  • the best Spanish language vocab learning systems and courses.

    Many people are still unaware that the best modern vocab teaching systems can teach you hundreds of words in a short time with excellent recall.

What else does the site offer?

  • There are dozens of free online Spanish lessons.

  • Info on the many Spanish courses available in the various different formats.

  • Info on all the Hispanic countries, maps of all the Spanish speaking countries.

  • comprehensive data on all the Spanish speaking countries and in-depth facts.

  • Info on Learning Spanish in the different Spanish speaking countries.

  • Free Spanish language translator online that translates thousands of words and phrases.

  • Free online Spanish dictionary with access to over 160,000 words.

    Learn Spanish Help - Spanish Language

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