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A Learn Spanish Plan
Learning any new language is a long, never ending voyage of discovery, and no two people will follow the same path.
Here are some recommendations for the student.

Adopt a Spanish name. If you are Edward become Eduardo. If Mary become María! From your favourite Hispanic celebrity or hero, borrow a famous Spanish surname to go with it! Like Ballasteros, Lopez, Aguilera or Cruz!
Adopt a Multi-modal Spanish learning strategy using every technique and opportunity to practise.
Set goals. How many Spanish words a day are you going to learn? How will you remember the words? Can you learn Spanish words at 200 a day? You can with the right course.
Take a regular course with a good teacher. The more hours of training, the quicker the learning. If you can only manage an hour a week, so be it, but do it.
Use PC programmes to back up the learning course. Grab a good Spanish vocab builder and a good PC course.
Study the main Spanish Verb patterns. It is difficult doing this by reading a text of Spanish verbs, unless you enjoy reading dictionaries.
Learn Spanish grammar. Start with the basics, and build up.
Write down exactly some of your normal day to day conversations in English. Or you can record your normal daily English conversations into a dictaphone. Translate them – initially by yourself. Do as much with what Spanish you know and with a Spanish Dictionary. Then use the free Spanish translation software online on these pages. Then get your teacher, or a fluent speaker to check it. They will usually give you other ways of saying the same thing, as well as Spanish slang, Spanish colloquialisms, Spanish sayings and Spanish idiomatic expressions that can be used to say the same thing. This way you will get tools to say in Spanish what you would normally say in English.
Learn some modern Memory Improvement techniques to boost your Spanish learning.
Adopt a Spanish speaking country. Make it yours.
From your adopted Spanish country choose a soccer football team and become a supporter. Soccer is the game of the Spanish speaking countries. Bar none!
Make a Spanish newspaper of that country your default Home Page on your Internet browser.
Subscribe to some Learn Spanish ezines to be emailed to you regularly. Learn as you clear the inbox.
Get some Total Immersion learning in to your Learn Spanish strategy. Live and study Spanish somewhere Spanish.
Speak Spanish at every opportunity. You can now even telephone for Spanish conversation with native speakers and teachers.

Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish?
All you need to know is right here. Look no further for Spanish help as you learn Spanish.

* The Learn Spanish Help site has dozens of free Spanish lessons and free Spanish tutorials.

* Free Spanish lessons on Spanish vocabulary.

* Free lessons on learning Spanish verbs. Spanish verbs are more tricky and complex to learn than English.

* Free Spanish lessons on Spanish grammar.

...and more Resources for the Student or Teacher

  • Advice on learning Spanish books.

  • Spanish study courses.

  • Info on Techniques for rapidly learning Spanish vocabulary.

  • Learning Spanish software.

  • Spanish CD-Roms.

  • Spanish schools worldwide where you can live and study Spanish, and learn Spanish by total immersion in a living Spanish environment.

  • Lists of Spanish speaking countries with thousands of facts, and statistics on the Spanish speaking countries of the world.

  • All the maps of Spanish Speaking Countries.

  • The flags of all the Hispanic nations, every flag for every Spanish speaking country.

  • Spanish audio cassettes for learning Spanish in the car.

  • Musical Spanish. Sing to help you learn Spanish.

  • Online free Spanish dictionary to find any Spanish word. Translate Spanish to English, or English to Spanish translations.

  • Online free Spanish translator to help learn Spanish phrases. Translate Spanish to English or translate English to Spanish.

  • A list of the Spanish newspapers online.
Grab a Spanish Lesson Free
Lots of free Spanish lessons are here for you.
Treat the site as your free Spanish tutor.

Spanish Grammar
Spanish vocabulary
Spanish verbs
Spanish pronouns
Spanish pronunciation
Spanish Common Words
Spanish phrases
Also check out:
Free Spanish dictionary
Free Spanish translation
Do you want to learn to speak Spanish free? Of course this is now possible with so much good information on the web, but remember that some of the best stuff you are going to have to pay for! Nevertheless there is a ton of free Spanish lessons, such as those on this site from which you can grab many a Spanish lesson free.
If you see any other 'free learn to speak Spanish' stuff that we can add to our site, do contact us.
Want to learn Spanish free? You can!
We sort through the piles of information on learning Spanish for you and give you our recommendations, allowing you to just concentrate on getting the right products for you to help you learn Spanish.

It is all here on this website dedicated to the goal to helping those who want to LEARN SPANISH!
Learn Spanish on your PC!
Great software for learning Spanish. Check out the choices.

Learn Spanish by Total Immersion
At some point you need to bring all the Spanish language learning together and put it into action.

Total immersion means getting into a situation where you are totally immersed in the Spanish language. This can be in one of many ways, but a great start is to go to a Spanish country where only Spanish is spoken. Live with a Hispanic family where no English is spoken.

We have lists of Spanish schools which teach Spanish in Spanish speaking countries.

What is tricky when you learn Spanish Verbs?
To learn Spanish verbs are much trickier than learning English verbs. Spanish verbs change their endings for each change of person and tense they represent.

Hispanics also drop the pronouns when they speak meaning you have to learn the Spanish verb endings. (This means they drop the words 'I, you, he, she, we, & they assuming you will know who they are referring to because a fluent speaker will know all the verb endings and the answer is in the verb endings).

There are quicker ways and very effective ways to learn Spanish verbs which revolve around learning Spanish verb patterns. Add to this Memory Masters' techniques and you have excelerated Spanish verb learning.

Spanish Word of the Day to help you learn Spanish
A free Word of the Day appears on site using the Excelerated 200 Words a Day Spanish learning techniques.

Spanish Tip of the Week to help you learn Spanish
Sign up for our free e-mail Spanish Tip of the Week emailed to your e-Doorstep. Handy tips from dozens of sources, available to you without you even having to click a button.

Learn Spanish in a Spanish speaking country.
Check out the lists of Spanish Language Schools.
Learn Spanish in Argentina | Learn Spanish in Bolivia | Learn Spanish in Chile | Learn Spanish in Colombia | Learn Spanish in Costa Rica | Learn Spanish in Cuba | Learn Spanish in Dominican Republic | Learn Spanish in Ecuador | Learn Spanish in El Salvador | Learn Spanish in Guatemala | Learn Spanish in Honduras | Learn Spanish in Mexico | Learn Spanish in Nicaragua | Learn Spanish in Panama | Learn Spanish in Paraguay | Learn Spanish in Peru | Learn Spanish in Puerto Rico | Learn Spanish in Spain |
There are more resources than ever available for learning Spanish, so how do you sort:
  • the good from the bad, and the ugly,

  • the wheat from the chaff,

  • the truth from the hype,

  • the excellent from the just OK?
By looking in these Spanish Help pages.

This website is one big Spanish HELP file .....

.... and will help you cut through the layers of peel to get to the juice and find the resources you need to help you in your quest to learn this most versatile and globally useful language.

The A to Z from Beginner to Linguist the site is a resource for the student and teacher alike.

We hope you enjoy learning Spanish!


Learn Spanish Help
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Learn Spanish Blog
Check here for updates to the Learn Spanish Help site, where you can find loads of information on learning Spanish, language schools, Hispanic countries, free lessons and more.
Learn Spanish 200 Words a Day
Learn Spanish 200 Words a Day. Rapidly build a big base of Spanish words & phrases. Perfect for the busy person's business trip, vacation, as it is for the student needing lots of Spanish vocab fast.
Free Spanish Lessons!
Loads of free Spanish lessons on Spanish words, nouns, verbs, grammar, rules, pitfalls. Links to more sites and free lessons. Lots on Spanish culture, flags, stats on Hispanic countries. Total Spanish
Spanish Dictionary - online, free, options, new, old, all you need to know
It's all here. Free online Spanish dictionary & choices of dictionaries, analysis & ranking.Be careful of the pitfalls! Hard copy dictionaries, old-new. Which one should you get?You choose.
Say it in Spanish. How do you say . . . . .in Spanish.... ?
Find that word in Spanish, phrase in Spanish with the free online Spanish Translator. Spanish English translation & how to find & memorise them. Dictionary & translator.
Free Spanish Translation
Use the free Spanish Translation tools online here. Just type in your English text & have it translated for you online free. Words, phrases, even whole pages.
Spanish Vocab
Free lesson, some common Spanish vocab, lots of lessons to pick, Learn Spanish lessons - adjectives, nouns, Spanish words & phrases, exclamations. How many words can you learn a day?
Spanish class
learn Spanish free in this Spanish class focusing on common Spanish vocabulary
Learn to speak spanish, free lesson
You can learn to speak Spanish free the hard way, or or learn Spanish the better way!
Spanish Countries
Learn Spanish in one of the many Spanish Countries. Check out the info on learning Spanish in a Spanish speaking country. Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Bolivia and all the others. Check out the facts.
Free Spanish Word of the Day
Your free Spanish word of the day.
Spanish Translator for Spanish Translation
Spanish Translation. Free online Spanish translation tool for words, phrases, text. English to Spanish & Spanish to English using the Spanish translator here free online.
Spanish Greetings
Spanish Greetings. How to say hello in Spanish, goodbye in Spanish and lots of other words and phrases. Lots of free lessons, advice on learning Spanish.
Flags of Spanish Speaking Countries & the Spanish flag
Flags of Spanish Speaking Countries.Learn Spanish flags. Hispanic Spanish countries flags. Flags of Andorra, Argentina flag, Belize flag, Bolivia flag, Chile, Colombia, Dominican flag, Ecuador flag,
Maps of Spanish Speaking Countries
Maps of Spanish Speaking Countries. Select the map of any of the Hispanic countries from the list. 23 countries in the list. From Andorra to Uruguay.
Learning Spanish Books - the best for learners
Learning Spanish Books for Spanish learners. Beginners, intermediate to advanced there is a huge choice of books for Spanish learners. Check our latest book reviews - add your own too!
Spanish Language learning - get all the advice you need here.
Learn Spanish language 200 words a day. If not you're using outdated techniques. All the info on Spanish language learning, what essential Spanish learning books to choose, courses, grammar advice etc
All you need to know about Learning Spanish but were too bombarded with info!
Books, software, courses, dictionaries, free online Spanish translation. A-Z advice for the student & teacher of Spanish language.
Learn Spanish Overseas at a Spanish Language School. Total immersion is best!
The best way to learn a language is total immersion where you live in that culture. Learn Spanish overseas & live the language, make friends. Hundreds of schools listed in Spanish speaking countries.
Language Learners' Spanish Magazine Directory
Looking for a Spanish magazine aimed at the student of Spanish? Check out the list of Spanish magazines perfect the person learning Spanish. Get the info here. Tons of other resource. Lessons, advice.
Enjoy your free Spanish Grammar lessons here.
Choose from dozens of free lessons, Spanish grammar, Spanish vocab, hints on learning Spanish, advice on books, courses, software, dictionaries, Spanish cds.
Total immersion is THE way to learn Spanish. Learn Spanish in Costa Rica!
To learn Spanish fast you must LIVE Spanish. Learn Spanish in Costa Rica. 5 steps are crucial. 1) Take a course 2) Learn phrases 3) Learn 200 words a day 4) Learn basic grammar 5) Talk only Spanish!
Help Spanish. Site Map for all your Learning Spanish needs.
Help Spanish! All the help you need is here for learning Spanish. Learn Spanish Help site is a resource site for the student of Spanish.
The Lords Prayer in Spanish
The Lords Prayer in Spanish - Verse One
The Spanish Imperfect Tense, the imperfect past.
Learn the Spanish past tenses & all verbs including the imperfect tense. Compare the preterite past tense & see how you can use the imperfect tense of the verb 'to go' to make thousands of phrases.
Learn Spanish Verbs... Can you master them more quickly?
Quickly learn Spanish verbs & patterns, using Memory Masters techniqes making verb learning twice as fast & effective.
Directory of Spanish Newspapers
Reading Spanish newspapers is a great way to improve your Spanish, and keep abreast of happenings in the Hispanic world.
Contact Us
Contact us for more Learn Spanish Help information.
History of Spanish speaking countries
All the histories of the Spanish speaking countries. Andorra, Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, history of Spanish speaking countries of Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, to Venezuela
History of Argentina , South America
History of Argentina pre-Spanish, independence, post War, Viceroyalty of the Plata, pre-War, post War. Araucians, Incas, through to the Falklands.
Flag of Argentina. History, facts & picture
All the information on the flag of Argentina. Includes picture, history, facts and information on the Argentine flag.
Learn Spanish Links. Great for Learning Spanish.
Learn Spanish links. Links for learning Spanish.Spanish language, travel, food, life.
Site Build It
Build your website using SBI's Sitebuildit, the most effective traffic generator. Check out their statistics and facts.
Mexican history post independence. Turmoil & Change!
The history of Mexico post independence has been one turmoil and change. Mexican history is long and bloody! Find the facts.
Learn the Spanish Horoscope! Aprende el horóscopo!
Learn the Spanish horoscope in easy Spanish. Read the what the zodiac has for you every day in easy-to-practise Spanish!
Discover the universe of Spanish radio
Find here all you need to know about the big Spanish radio stations and radio in the Hispanic World - Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico etc. improve your Spanish!
Choose a Spanish Baby Name. Find one here
Looking for a name for a baby. Or are you interested in seeing a choice of Spanish sounding names. Choose from the list a Spanish name or a Spanish baby name from A to Z.
Conjugation Spanish Verbs
Conjugation Spanish Verbs - this is one of the trickiest areas for the student learning Spanish.
Use your skills in Spanish to find bilingual jobs
Discover the best ways to find bilingual jobs with your skills in Spanish!
About us
Discover our work team and learn more about us !
Spanish Learning Product Reviews
Check out our Spanish Learning Product Reviews page, and add comments where you see fit. If you are seller or manufacturer of a 'Learn Spanish' product you can submit details here. But keep it real!
Flights to Spain - from budget airlines to charter flights to First Class travel
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Travel to Spain - enjoying Spanish holidays
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Merry Christmas in Spanish. How do you say it? - and the Song Lyrics
How do you say, 'We wish you a Merry Christmas in Spanish?' Here it is, and the lyrics to the popular carol 'Feliz Navidad'. Free reviews, links, Spanish help and information, blogs, grammar, vocab.
Advertise your Spanish Product to Tens of Thousands of Targetted People Online
Advertise your Spanish product to tens of thousands of people online. Full page advert with 1,000 words dedicated to your language product, school, books, software. Add photos and links.
BEER in Spanish. How you say it so your friend pays.
How do you say BEER in Spanish? Ordering a beer in Spain is done by the glass size. Learn your Spanish beer glass sizes here (and jugs)! Quick local brew review. Learn the differences between tubo ...
Spanish Verb Drills - book review for the Spanish learner - 5 stars
Spanish Verb Drills is a handy text for the Spanish learner. Check the book review here and the good and bad things that we say about it in this review. A very good book for the student to work thru..
Learn 'Good Afternoon' in Spanish ... and when to say it!
Saying good afternoon in Spanish is a little different to saying it in English, because it is said at slightly different times. Read here now about the little differences between the two cultures.
Spanish Immersion - is it for you?
Spanish immersion learning involves courses taught totally in Spanish. Review the considerations before embarking. It is not for everyone. Why we advocate learning the basics with an English speaker!
Spanish Subjunctive Tense. All the Facts on this Verb Mood
Subjugate the Spanish subjunctive. Don't worry too much about this tense or mood initially. When you are ready to learn the subjunctive here are the facts. But remember your priority is to communicate
Spanish Perfect Tense Explained - (Perfecto de Indicativo).
A Perfect Tense is one that is completed. Something that is perfect cannot be improved or changed. It is perfect. So it is with a perfect verb. Learn the structures here with lots of simple tables.
Studying Spanish at University in Spain
If you are considering studying Spanish at university in Spain you should read this page. Such an undertaking is the ultimate for someone wanting to really study and acquire a high level of skill
Learn Basic Spanish Words and Phrases Fast
Two techniques will help you learn basic Spanish fast. 1. Mnemonics - which are word association memory triggers. Like the Spanish for cat is GATO. Imagine your cat eats a GATEAU. Second is cognates.
Questions in Spanish
Learn the words to ask Questions in Spanish, who, what, when, where, how, why.

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