Learn to speak Spanish, quickly and easily. Free lesson included.

We'd like to help you learn to speak Spanish with a free lesson of useful Spanish Expressions.

We'd also like to challenge you to try learning 200 words a day.

Firstly, here is a list of some common Spanish expressions.

how do you say …? ... ¿cómo se dice …?

bring me! ... ¡tráigame!

careful! watch out! take care!, caution! ... ¡ojo!

congratulations! ... ¡felicidades!

don’t mention it!, you’re welcome! ... ¡de nada!

help! (emergency) ... ¡socorro!

how are you? ... ¿cómo estás?

I’m sorry! ... ¡lo siento!

what a pity! what a shame! ... ¡qué lástima!

Learning like this you'll find is quite tedious and not very efficient.

You can learn to speak Spanish words up to 5 times more effectively using techniques incorporated in innovative, new courses entitled 200 Words a Day!

Each and every word has a:

• a memory trigger
to create a memory link between the English and the foreign word.

• a unique picture
specially designed for the memory trigger.

• a sound recording by a native speaker.

• gender triggers
built-in colour coding to distinguish genders. Alsofemale speakers for feminine words, male speakers for masculine words.

So, here's a useful expression which you will use a lot when you learn to speak Spanish:

How do you say ...? in Spanish?

¿cómo se dice …?....
this sounds alot like COMBS AND DICE.

So, imagine asking,

How do you say ... COMBS and DICE in Spanish?

How do you say?. . . ¿cómo se dice …?

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Learn to Speak Spanish

The new 200 Words a Day! cd-rom courses help you learn to Speak Spanish with the following features:

• are multi-modal
incorporating visual, aural and kinesthetic learning modes - suit your own learning style!

• have over one thousand words
for you to learn in every course.

• are fun
bright, colourful and friendly, and you need a sense of humor!

• are interactive
with many functions to choose from.

and also ...

• a choice of up to 40 lessons per course

• built-in dictionary

• comprehensive scoring and testing system

• finger-tip Help function

• six-user facility

• and more!

The techniques really do work and help you learn to speak Spanish words, and what's more, remember them.

To learn more about these techniques simply click on the link below. You will find it exciting and stimulating to learn to speak Spanish using these fun methods.

Learn to speak Spanish - the easy 200 Words a Day! way.

Not only can you learn to speak Spanish using these fun techniques there is help with other languages for those who want to learn to speak Spanish fast, as well as French or German.

• Spanish and French Course One
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• German Course One
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