Spanish Greetings

Here's your free Spanish Greetings lesson.

Good day! Good morning!. . .¡buenos días!

hi!. . .¡hola!

pleased to meet you!. . . ¡mucho gusto!

many thanks!, thank you very much!. . .¡muchas gracias!

good evening!, good night!. . .¡buenas noches!

good afternoon! . . .¡buenas tardes!

come in! . . . ¡adelante!

OK! . . .¡vale!

how good! , great!. . .¡qué bien!

good luck!. . .¡suerte!, ¡buena suerte!

see you soon!. . .¡hasta la vista!

Note: ¡ - this is an upside-down exclamation mark!

Spanish Greetings

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Have a look at this picture format, to help you remember the last Spanish Greeting on the list:

See you soon! = ¡Hasta la vista!....

(which sounds a bit like "Hasten to visit ya"),

so ... imagine saying,

I'll see you soon! - I will HASTEN TO VISIT YA.”

... and then add a cartoon picture!

See you soon!. . . ¡Hasta la vista!

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Spanish Greetings

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You've probably heard "Hasta la vista Baby!" so this one is an easy one.

The literal translation is "Until the viewing!" (until we see each other).

Learn Spanish Help - Spanish Greetings.
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