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Live and learn Spanish overseas.     

The most effective way to learn is in a structured environment where the target language is spoken as the local vernacular. There are literally hundreds of Spanish language schools offering courses of all different types for the student of Spanish.

To learn a language effectively you need to learn many things and you can combine lots of different learning methods.

There are a huge number of Spanish language schools around, offering Spanish tuition at all levels, from beginner to advanced. You can choose short courses of a few days to courses whose credits can contribute to a university degree course.

As part of your Spanish language learning strategy you should consider a period in a total immersion learning environment, where you are surrounded by the Spanish language.

Words, phrases and learning can be put in to immediate use, and tons of new material is learned 'in context'.

There have never been so many techniques and courses available. A combination is probably best because many courses are very good for one area of the language, but perhaps not so good in another area.

  • a good comprehensive course, of which there are many, PC based, book based, you name it! A very good all round PC based course is the Learning Company series. They combine good lessons with interactive speech functions to test your Spanish language skills.

  • a good course with a teacher can be very effective, especially if you can totally immerse yourself in a Spanish speaking country.

  • some basic Spanish grammar - check out some of the free Spanish grammar lessons onsite.

  • Build a solid vocab base using accelerated Spanish learning techniques so use a powerful and effective Spanish vocab learning system to broaden out your base of Spanish vocab and give you lots of 'tools in the toolbox'. You should be learning 200 words a day or more.

  • You need to learn the basic tools of constructing verbs, and in Spanish these follow basic repeating patterns. There are now accelerated methods for learning and remembering the basic verb patterns, which can then be applied so that you have thousands of combinations at the tip of your tongue.

  • then put it all in to practice, by talking to locals. Check out the details on the many Spanish speaking countries where you can take live and learn Spanish.

  • If you do go and learn Spanish abroad, or spend some time learning Spanish overseas, seek out some old folk to talk to. Oldies and little children are good to talk to when learning. Old people love to talk! and so do kids! And neither are as threatening!
Choose a country you might like to visit and live in, while studying the language. Hundreds of schools and websites are listed.

Learn Spanish in Argentina
Learn Spanish Abroad in Belize
Learn Spanish Overseas in Bolivia
Learn Spanish in Chile
Learn Spanish Abroad in Colombia
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica
Learn Spanish in Cuba
Learn Spanish Abroad in Dominican Republic
Learn Spanish in Ecuador
Learn Spanish in El Salvador
Learn Spanish Abroad in Gibraltar
Learn Spanish in Guatemala
Learn Spanish in Honduras
Learn Spanish Abroad in Mexico
Learn Spanish in Nicaragua
Learn Spanish in Panama
Learn Spanish Abroad in Paraguay
Learn Spanish in Peru
Learn Spanish in Puerto Rico
Learn Spanish Abroad in Spain
Learn Spanish in Uruguay
Learn Spanish Overseas in Venezuela.
Check out our list of Spanish language schools in the various Hispanic countries. Spend some time contacting the schools to find one that suits your learning needs and requirements.

You may be looking for small personalised one-on-one classes, or you may prefer the social interactive in language classes with a group of other students who are on a similar level to yourself.

When undertaking your project to learn Spanish overseas, you will find that many courses can be cross credited towards formal qualifications, such as a degree or a recognised language learning certificate.

Find something that suits your needs.

Many of the Spanish language schools will provide accommodation, with lots of them offering lodgings with a Spanish speaking family. The beauty of such as system is that you will see the language in action in a real family situation, and will see and hear the Spanish words, phrases and expressions being used in the context of real conversations. These are invaluable and will enable you to put your language lessons into action. You can potentially learn as much from the 'round the dinner table' discussions as you will in the classroom.

The less you speak your native mother tongue the more effective will be your learning.

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