Live Spanish to learn it! Learn Spanish in a Language School in Nicaragua

Learn Spanish in Nicaragua. To learn Spanish you should go and live Spanish.


Learning with element of total immersion is invariably one of the best ways to quickly improve your Spanish language skills.

While children can learn quickly in total immersion situations adults need a slightly different approach, and are usually best to combine it with some structured learning, like a classroom, and other learning processes.

Here is a suggested five-point plan.

You need to combine:

  1. an intensive onsite course, with a competent language teacher with whom you can talk, converse and interact. . . .

  2. you need an effective Spanish word and vocabulary learning system. Using recently developed methodologies you can learn Spanish words at a rate of 200 words a day or more.

    A solid foundation of Spanish vocabulary quickly broadens out your starting base giving you a huge armoury of 'bullets in your learning Spanish armoury'.

    To get started it is easier (using these techniques) to spend more effort on learning foundation vocab rather than grammar, and then . . . once you have a base of 1,000 words (which can be done in a week...) then....

  3. learn some basic grammar and

  4. learn how to form verbs in Spanish.

    In the beginning however, do not get too hung up on perfecting grammar,.... that can come later.

  5. learn phrases..., use them and make mistakes.

    The more errors and bloopers that you make, the more you will improve, provided you actively learn from your mistakes, and get them corrected. (Use a notebook - write them down - practise them when you have the correct form).

Then you need to put it all REPEATEDLY in to practice, by talking to locals. It is conversation that forces you to learn. By conversing you develop some ready-phrases and 'off-the-shelf' quips.

And another thing...

Only talk Spanish, except if it is to get something clarified or corrected. It is very easy to revert to your mother tongue, but this generally just delays the learning process.

Enjoy the experience of total immersion language learning in a Spanish speaking country. Learn Spanish in Nicaragua!

Live and Learn Spanish in Nicaragua

Escuela Leonesa - Leon

Escuela Palacio de la Cultura - Granada
Learn Spanish in Nicaragua in Granada.

Escuela San Juan del Sur - San Juan Del Sur

CENAC - Esteli

Apoyo Spanish School - Laguna de Apoyo
Learn Spanish in Nicaragua in Laguna de Apoyo.

Casa Xalteva - Granada

One on One Tutoring - Granada

Los Pipitos Sacuanjoche - EstelĂ­

Enjoy learning Spanish by living Spanish. Try Nicaragua as a place to learn Spanish.

Hundreds of Facts on Nicaragua.

Map of Nicaragua.

Flag of Nicaragua.

Contact us for more info if you want to learn Spanish in Nicaragua!

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Learn Spanish in Nicaragua.
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