Find Bilingual jobs with your Spanish skills!

Bilingual jobs and recruitment in Spain

Have you always desired to change your life, change your job and relocate to Spain or abroad but been afraid of not finding a job?

There are so many jobs that require at least two languages that if you polish up your Spanish skills and use your English to be successful in finding jobs abroad.

We will provide you with some tips and advice on how to find bilingual jobs overseas.

Finding a job in Spain: Not an easy job !

Finding a job in Spain seems to be a big obstacle for many foreigners.

Many English people who settle in Spain often find that the economy is complex and contradictory.

The Spanish rate of unemployment is around ten percent, a number that is much higher than for most advanced European countries.

However this unemployment rate is not so true if you consider all the business done without been declared : the black economy.One fifth of all work is done illegally.

Furthermore, the rising number of immigrants in Spain may also make it more difficult for you to get a job. There is 6% of immigration in Spain because of the proximity to Northern Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, etc ...).

Another consideration when looking for a job in Spain is that a high proportion of positions are temporary rather than permanent, primarily due to the movements of the migrant workers.

Any opportunity for me to find a job in Spain?

However, many recruitment experts agree that there are still a lot of job opportunities for foreigners particularly for the bilingual jobs.

Although there is a lot of competition for unskilled jobs, as in the domestic or hospitality sectors, (most of the applicants are North African), you should have little difficutly in finding opportunities for semi-skilled posts like secretarial or administrative work.

For highly-qualified posts, there is a big demand for foreigner workers, especially where two languages are required.

In the aftermath of 11 September, the war in Iraq and the Madrid bombings, the Spanish economy declined, however experts believe that expansion is quite near and a lot of qualified workers will be required in the next 10 years.

Don't neglect the Internet to find bilingual jobs!

The internet has hundreds of sites offering bilingual jobs including on-line job applications.

You can often be successful in finding an interesting employment vacancy by the surfing specialized sites.

Many people search for jobs on general recruitment websites where there is a lot of competition from applicants.

The best techniques for you to increase your chances is to combine both the general recruitment websites and specialised websites.

When you send your CV by mail, you shouldn't enclose your qualifications in the body copy of the e-mail. It's better to attach it in a word file.

The best format for your CV will be .RTF because it can be read worldwide on every platform and the size of the folder will be smaller.

How to write a useful resume?

A list of websites for you to find bilingual jobs

Job opportunities for language teachers :

Job opportunity for Language Teachers !

Jobs for interprets :

Job opportunity for Interpreters !

Job opportunities for Translators:

Job opportunity for Translators!

Other jobs opportunities

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More jobs in different areas of Spain

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You know now how to find bilingual jobs . Perfect your Spanish for your next interview !

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Bilingual jobs in Spain and Abroad.
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