Learning Spanish? Check out the Spanish Magazine Directory for Language Students.

There are a number of Spanish magazines and publications ideal for the student of Spanish. It is important to read, write and speak the language at every opportunity to keep improving. A list of resources is provided here.

Piensa en Espagnol! Think Spanish Magazine
A monthly 24 page mag designed to increase Spanish fluency while providing insight into life and culture in Spanish speaking countries.
Puerta del Sol
Monthly mag with Audio cassette. All articles have the full text in Spanish, a word list & but are not fully translated into English. Quite an advanced level of Spanish.
200 Words a Day Language Learning e-Zine
Issued by e-mail discussing modern language learning techniques.
Hispanic Magazine
Hispanic Magazine is a consumer magazine dealing with the Hispanic community in the USA, which promotes the positive contributions and images of Latinos in the entertainment world, business, sport, the political arena, education, and in community affairs. It also profiles influential Latinos and features articles on education, health, finances, fashion and culture.12 issues per annum.

Latina Magazine
Latina is a women's magazine aimed at the modern Hispanic woman. It focusses lifestyle, culture, entertainment and values of the US Hispanic woman in the modern world. Features fashion, beauty, fitness, health and wellbeing, and career opportunities. Lots on celebrities.Latina Magazine : 11 issues per annum.

MIRA! a colour gossip magazine, features Latin celebrities, with photos, gossip, interviews, scoops and lifestyle chat. Each week MIRA! goes backstage to rock and pop concerts, giving the up-to-date news and gossip behind the scenes. A great way to keep that Spanish learning programme rolling.Mira! 26 issues per annum.

National Geographic en Espanol
The National Geographic in Spanish is a great way to keep up with world environmental issues and improve your Spanish at the same time.

Seleccioines - Readers Digest Spanish
The English language Reader’s Digest is one of the world's most popular magazine and its Spanish magazine is a great way to improve your Spanish. 12 Issues per annum.

People En Espanol
This is a Spanish language edition of the popular weekly, and is published monthly.

This is a text magazine written for Spanish learners and teachers of Spanish produced weekly during the UK academic year by the Consejería de Educación of Spain.Their site is a good resource for Spanish teachers, publicising conferences, courses, shows and expositions to promote Spanish learning.

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