Spanish Dictionary for easy Translation!

There is many a free online Spanish Dictionary and translation software for English-Spanish and vice versa.

Our Choice of Translation Software

This is an excellent free online translator of Spanish, with quite in-depth translation of words and their derivatives.

WordReference can be used in two ways.

  • First, it can be used as a free Spanish dictionary online, using the Collins Dictionaries from HarperCollins, and...
  • secondly as a tool to check the meaning of any word on a webpage that you might be viewing.

1. Type in a word for a quick definition. There are four multilingual translation dictionaries and one extremely big English dictionary.

The English Spanish part alone has over 160,000 words with more than 230,000 translations. On paper it is 1290 pages.

The definitions are very comprehensive and lots of common phrases are added to the word or definition.

Translate 'Dog' with the Spanish Dictionary

For example I typed in 'dog' to translate and got many different uses of the word 'dog' including slang interpretations, things about dog races, it's dog eat dog etc etc:

dog [dog]A noun 1 perro/a m/f
the dogs (British) (informal) (= greyhounds) las carreras de galgos

IDIOM: it's dog eat dog in this placeaquí se despedazan unos a otros

IDIOM: to go to the dogs (informal)[person] echarse a perder[nation, country] ir a la ruina

IDIOM: it's a dog's lifees una vida de perrosand several others as well as a number of sayings that include the word 'dog' such as:

SAYING: every dog has its day a cada cerdo le llega su San Martín

SAYING: let sleeping dogs lie más vale no meneallo 2 (= male animal) macho m

....and lots more.

2. Ever been stuck on the meaning of a word on a webpage while surfing?

Spanish Dictionary Translates webpages

With this translation software you just highlight the word with your mouse and in a mouse click you will get the definition from the Collins Dictionaries. (They call this a browser add-on tool).

WordReference Personal works with Windows and comes in two forms, one for Netscape, one for Internet Explorer.

From their website you can install this free online Spanish Dictionary for free! (fast download: under 15 seconds)

Download it to give it a try! For the Lingwhizz's choice of Free Online Spanish Dictionary

Once you translate a word - learn it...

(Once you've learned a word click here to figure how to remember the word and learn more words speedily).

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