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Hermaphrodite Compound Words. Check out the compound words that have both a masculine and a feminine side.

They say that the 50% of speech in Spanish revolves around the 100 most common words in Spanish.

Spanish Common Words 1

Spanish Common Words 2

Learn to Count in Spanish Count from one to ten, zero to a hundred, one to a million in Spanish.

Happy Birthday in Spanish

Spanish Animals Learn the nnames of the animals in Spanish. Is a Spanish pig different to an English pig?? Which Spanish animal sounds like he DRILLS COCONUTS and why? Would a Spanish butterfly MARRY A POSER?

Bank Post-Office. Need to post a letter in Spanish? Enjoy your free Spanish lesson on words relating to the Post Office.

Learn Spanish Colors

20 Important Spanish Phrases & Expressions

What in Spanish. Need to know any Spanish word? Try the free online Spanish translator.

Words in Spanish. Another link to the free online Spanish translator.

Spain in Spanish

Spanish Conjunctions & Spanish Prepositions. Always useful to know when building conversation skills are Spanish conjunctions (joining words that join parts of a sentence together) and Spanish prepositions, that tell you where a thing is.

More common greetings.

Thank You in Spanish.

Spanish Greetings. Say hello in Spanish, or say goodbye in Spanish.

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