Learn Spanish Colors.

Learn Spanish Colors with our free multicolour list:

black . . . adj. negro

blue . . . adj. azul

brown . . . adj. marrón

brown (chestnut) . . . adj. castaño

clear, light (colour) . . . adj. claro

color . . . el color

dark (tan) . . . adj. moreno

green . . . adj. verde

grey . . . adj. gris

light blue . . . adj. celeste

lilac . . . adj. lila

orange (colour) . . . el color naranja

pink . . . adj. rosa

purple . . . adj. púrpura

red . . . adj. rojo

turquoise . . . adj. turquesa

white . . . adj. blanco

yellow . . . adj. amarillo

Learn Spanish Colors©

Learning colours in Spanish is an important part of the vocabulary building process.

How do we use the Spanish colours in speech and sentences?

When used as an adjective the colour comes after the noun so whereas an English speaker would say:

a black dog
the Spanish say: a dog black.

a black dog in Spanish is un perro negro

  • ...the blue sky in Spanish is the sky blue ...el cielo azul

  • the white wine in Spanish becomes the wine white ... el vino blanco

  • the green cat in Spanish becomes the cat green ... el gato verde.

Colors and gender in Spanish

... and of course colours, being Spanish adjectives, change with the noun when it is feminine or plural so that:

while yellow in Spanish is amarillo...

...the yellow butterfly in Spanish is la mariposa amarilla the amarillo changing to amarilla because this is the feminine ending.

Butterflies in Spanish are feminine. (That's just the way it is...)

Plurals and Spanish colors

Likewise the yellow butterflies in Spanish are:

las mariposas amarillas.

In this case the plural of butterfly is mariposas , and it is feminine so we have the yellow taking a plural feminine form...

So you can see that when you learn Spanish colors you also need to understand Spanish adjectives and how they work with Spanish nouns.

If you can understand the colors and how they are expressed, then you will have no trouble understanding and using Spanish adjectives.

You can more effectively learn Spanish vocab by using up-to-date accelerated learning techniques which make it possible to Learn Spanish colors and other vocabulary at a rate of 200 words a day or more.

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Learn Spanish Colors
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