How do you say the days of the week in Spanish? Learn it here!

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the days of the week. . . los días de semana

Monday. . .lunes

Tuesday . . .martes

Wednesday. . .miércoles

Thursday . . . jueves

Friday . . .viernes

Saturday. . .sábado

Sunday. . .domingo

So Monday in Spanish is. . .lunes
pronounced LOO-NESS.

Tuesday in Spanish is. . .martes
pronounced MARR-TESS.

Wednesday in Spanish is. . .miércoles
pronounced MEE-AIRR-COULESS.

Thursday in Spanish is. . .jueves
pronounced WEY-VESS.

Friday in Spanish is. . .viernes
pronounced VEE-AIRR-NESS.

Saturday in Spanish is. . .sábado
pronounced SAA-BA-DOH.

Sunday in Spanish is. . .domingo
pronounced pretty much as it is written!

To learn the Days of the Week in Spanish you can now repeat it several times over, and then do it again....

Now you must say these a whole bunch of times.

Chant them ten times each, in the morning, before each meal, and before you go to bed each day. Do this every day for a week.

Put it into a song.

Sing it, chant it, rhythmn it, rap it. Whatever beat spins your wheel.

And keep repeating it. This way through repetition you will drum it in to your memory.

...or... an easier way to learn the Spanish days of the week is...

... by using the techniques that the world memory masters teach.

These are the sorts of people that can memorise twenty, thirty or even decks of shuffled cards.

Basically they say that the longer-lasting way to memorize words is to visualise them in a crazy, wacky, off-the-wall, goofy, silly, zany scene!

Which basically anyone can do.

Try this.

As you've just seen, the Spanish word for Wednesday is miércoles

(which sounds like ME, I CARE LESS ), so ....

so to put it into a silly scene just....

... imagine it’s Wednesday and saying,
"ME, I CARE LESS that it is Wednesday."

To make it even easier for you we have put in a picture... to save your brain-power those few moments of effort to stop and think.

Miercoles-Wednesday in Spanish

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Wednesday. . . miércoles

This makes memorising Spanish words really easy.

To learn more click on the link.

Learn the days of the week in Spanish, the 200 Words a Day! way.

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