How do you say the words for vegetables in Spanish?

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What are the words for vegetables in Spanish?.

But first consider this.... a cabbage male or female? a mushroom a male or female?

How can you remember when you know the answer?

Read on....

Test yourself, and see how well you can memorize these Spanish vegetable words. How long will it take you?

Do you think you'll remember these words for vegetables in Spanish tomorrow, or even next week?

You can hundreds of words if you know the right techniques).

avocado . . . la palta

cabbage . . . la col

carrot . . . la zanahoria

cauliflower . . . la coliflor

chips . . . las patatas fritas

corn (maize) . . . el maíz

cucumber . . . el pepino

lettuce . . . la lechuga

mushroom . . . el champiñon

onion . . . la cebolla

pea . . . la arveja

potato . . . la patata

tomato . . . el tomate

vegetables . . . las verduras

Now, take a word from this list, for example:

el champiñon

and imagine ...

...Freddy Mercury (m) from the band Queen, singing his song,
‘We are the CHAMPIONs’,
while standing on a large giant mushroom!

Now ... add the picture!

mushroom. . . el champiñon

How do you say the vegetables in Spanish?©

How does that help you? That should make memorizing easy because a picture paints a thousand words, and the mind never forgets a picture!

Memory masters teach that the way to memorize words is to visualise them in a crazy, zany scene!

Adding sound to this, a native Spanish speaker and the trigger in English, and placing it into a fun, multi-modal learning experience, makes it easy for you to learn your vegetables in Spanish.

With a system such as this, with minimal effort and in less than a week you can learn over 1,000 words of a foreign language using this 200 Words a Day! course… and, most importantly, you’ll be able to remember the words as they will be lodged into the long term memory of your brain.

Anyone of average ability can do it. Yes, that means YOU! Even if you found languages difficult to learn in the past. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

It really is makes learning Spanish easy.

Every word has:

• a unique memory trigger
to create a memory link between the English and the foreign word.

• a unique picture
specially designed for the memory trigger.

• a sound recording by a native speaker.

• gender triggers
female speakers for feminine words, male speakers for masculine words and built-in colour coding to distinguish genders. Note the character in the picture is male, Freddie Mercury, well ..... the word is also masculine.

So you'll know which vegetables in Spanish are male and which are female, by remembering the pic!

• Great value for money!
Over 1000 words in every course.

• Fun and Easy to use!
for all levels, learning and revision, with a host of multi-modal features and an in-built dictionary!

Don't delay. Learn your vegetables in Spanish speedily and with RELISH!

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Learn vegetables in Spanish, the easy 200 Words a Day! way.

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