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Expressions with Haber

Spanish Grammar Lesson - Tener

The verb Tener means 'to have'. It is also used to express the equivalent of 'to be' (for example, 'to be sick').... and also means 'to hold'.

Spanish Genders
All nouns in Spanish have a gender or a 'sex'. They are either masculine or feminine, (male or female) and it's not always easy to know which is which.


Conjunctions and Prepositions
Learn the joining words and words of place in Spanish.

Possessive Adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

The adverb describes a verb. Most English words ending in '-LY' like rapidly, slowly are adverbs. A common ending in Spanish is '-mente. ' So rapidly becomes rapidamente.

Learning how to say verbs in Spanish (conjugating verbs) is quite a bit more complex than in English. They do follow patterns, and there are several of them. Verbs are one of the more difficult parts of Spanish grammar. A small number of modern courses teach the Spanish verb patterns using modern highly effective memory techniques.

Verbs - Preterite Tense
This is the tense that is used to describe a completed action. Like I talked, you talked, he did talk. The actions are done, over and out. Learn the patterns, which differ for (1) AR verbs, and (2) for ER and IR verbs; and also learn the irregular forms.

Questions - Interrogative Words


Plural forms

False Friends

Spanish Pronunciation
Spanish pronunciation varies across the Hispanic world in the same way as English varies dramatically over the Anglophone world. However all can understand each other without great difficulty.

Spanish Word Stress
Check out how Hispanic stress their words and syllables.

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