Spanish Conjunctions & Prepositions

Enjoy your Spanish Conjunctions and Prepositions Spanish lesson, covering some common Spanish words.

Conjunctions are joining words, that join phrases in a sentence together like the word 'and' ....

... and prepositions are words which tell you the where something is, like 'towards'.

Try learning these words and then test yourself, and see how well you can memorize them.

How many words a day can you memorize and for how long from the Spanish Conjunctions and Prepositions list? Check them out and see if you can remember them all. If you know the techniques and the learning system is right you can improve your recall of words like these Spanish conjunctions and prepositions dramatically.

Why is it that some people (1%) can remember a long list but 99% of us cannot? Can these skills be learned and applied to language learning? (The answer is YES.

If you are not learning 200 words a day or more you are undoubtedly using old, ineffective methods. If you have time to spare and a photographic memory stick with that. But if you want to speed up your Spanish learning click here.

Learn Spanish Conjunctions and Prepositions - useful everyday words...

although . . . conj. aunque

as . . . adv. como

even . . . adv. aun

even, included . . . adj. incluso

neither . . . adv. no … tampoco

neither … nor . . . conj. no … ni

never . . . adv. no … nunca

never (not ever) . . . adv. no … jamás

perhaps . . . conj. tal vez

that (more remote) . . . conj. aquel

towards . . . prep. hacia

until . . . prep. hasta

while . . . conj. mientras

Spanish Conjunctions and Prepositions©

You may like to improve your memorising of words such as those in this How do you say the months of the year in Spanish? lesson using modern, easy techniques and learn Spanish an easier way. [This is also a perfect way to supplement your Spanish learning whether you are learning Spanish in a Spanish language school, online, in your local community or via Spanish learning tapes, CDs, books or other means.]

Memory masters teach that the way to memorize words, such as the Spanish conjunctions and prepositions, is to visualise them in a crazy, zany scene!

So for example the word for blister is AMPOLLA....
(... which sounds like UM-POYA...), so ....

....imagine a girl with a blister wants to UM POUR YA beer over it!

blister. . . AMPOLLA

© exceltra
Spanish Conjunctions & Prepositions

Your memorization of these words from this Spanish Conjunctions & Prepositions lesson can be up to 5 times more effective when using methods from such courses as 200 Words a Day! Learn Spanish courses. Compared the pedestrian pace of traditional language learning the 200 Words a Day system is much superior.

In these cd-rom courses every one of the words from this Spanish Conjunctions & Prepositions lesson has:

a cartoon, for that particular word, and many of them are animated like the one above.

native speaking voices have been recorded saying the words for perfect pronunciation which you can hear and copy.

a Gender Trigger. Notice there is a girl in the cartoon, well, this means it is a feminine word, so you learn the gender at the same time.

The techniques really do work with the hundreds of wonderful cartoons taking away all the work needed to visualise the zany scenes.

To learn more about these techniques simply click on the link below. Your recall powers of Spanish lessons such as this Spanish Conjunctions & Prepositions lesson will increase.

Spanish Conjunctions & Prepositions the 200 Words a Day! way.
We hope that you enjoyed your free Spanish Conjunctions Prepositions lesson.

Check out the rest of the site for lots of free Learn Spanish lessons and hints. A great way to bolster your Spanish learning - whether you are learning Spanish in a Spanish school online or with live humans. We believe that for the best learning consolidation you need to spend some time in a 'total immersion' situation, where you are speaking Spanish with native speakers in a native speaking environment.

Learning your Spanish conjunctions and prepositions is a critical part of mastering Spanish.


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