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Reading Spanish newspapers is a great way to keep improving your Spanish learning, while at the same time keeping abreast of what is happening in the Spanish language world and in Hispanic affairs.

It will give you an insight in to the various Hispanic countries' perspectives on world, and national events.

What is more, there are dozens and dozens of free Spanish newspapers online, updated daily, giving you daily 100% free, gratis, no-charge Spanish lessons. You can bookmark them and read to your e-Heart's content.

Make a Spanish newspaper your Home Page

Take a pen, paper, your Spanish dictionary and verb course, and work out the words and phrases. Take a verb, for example, and work out the tense, and write it down.

Print out interesting articles, and read them 10 times, which will help you to recognize words, phrases and expressions, as well as learning Spanish word and sentence structure.

As part of your 'Be Hispanic' plan you should make a Spanish newspaper your home page, so that you log on and read the Spanish newspapers as would a Hispanic.

As part of your 'Be Hispanic' strategy you should have:

(1) taken a Spanish name that you use with your fellow students of Spanish.
(2) adopted a Hispanic city with which you now identify your Spanish self.
(3) adopted a Spanish newspaper of the city you're Hispanic personality is from...
(4) adopt a Spanish sports team from the city of your Spanish Self.
(5) bought shadow (imaginary) shares in 3 companies in the Hispanic country of your choice.

Try some of these:

CNN in Spanish

Mexico Newspapers in Spanish online

Spain Newspapers - in Spanish. Learn Spanish by reading the paper!

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Spanish newspapers
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