Learn Spanish Animals

This Learn Spanish Animals lesson gives you the Spanish translation for some common animals.

How well do you think you can memorize them?

How many words can you memorize in a day from the Learn Spanish Animals list?

Do you think you will have trouble remembering them, tomorrow, or next week?

animal . . . el animal

bee . . . la abeja

bird . . . el pájaro

bull . . . el toro

butterfly . . . la mariposa

cat . . . el gato

cow . . . la vaca

dog . . . el perro

donkey . . . el burro

duck . . . el pato

fish . . . el pez

fly . . . la mosca

goat . . . la cabra

hen . . . la gallina

horse . . . el caballo

insect . . . el insecto

monkey . . . el mono

mosquito . . . el mosquito

mouse . . . el ratón

pet . . . el animal doméstico

pig . . . el cerdo

sheep . . . la oveja

small animal, bug, insect . . . el bicho

spider . . . la araña

turkey . . . el pavo

Learn Spanish Animals

Most of us try to somehow memorize list after boring list.

What if a foreign word was given a multi-modal makeover?
A memory trigger, a picture, color, sound .... maybe combined with a bit of humor?

You could improve your recall and have fun learning foreign words such as these Learn Spanish Animals ones, using modern, easy techniques.

Learn Spanish the easier way. Memory masters teach that the way to memorize words is to visualize them in a crazy, zany scene!

For example, the Spanish word for butterfly is la mariposa....
(which sounds a little like MARRY A POSER), so ....

... imagine a female butterfly (f) asks her female butterfly friend, "Would you MARRY A POSER?!"

And, add a picture!

butterfly. . . la mariposa

© exceltra
Learn Spanish Animals

If you really want to Learn Spanish Animals, you can be up to 5 times more effective by using memory techniques like these, incorporated in the courses entitled 200 Words a Day! (made by exceltra).

In these cd-rom courses every one of the words from this learn Spanish Animals lesson has:

a cartoon, many of them animated like the one above.

native speaking voice saying the words for perfect pronunciation, so you can hear and learn it.

a Gender Trigger™. Notice the focus is on the two female butterflies in the cartoon, indicating that this is a feminine word, so you learn the gender at the same time.

a Color-coding

The techniques really do work with the hundreds of wonderful cartoons taking away all the work needed to visualize the zany scenes.

Here try another one.

The Spanish word for crocodile is el cocodrilo so we imagine a cartoon character Craig the Crocodile who is employed to DRILL COCONUTS.


Exceltra. 200 Words a Day!

To learn more about these techniques simply click on the link below.

Your recall powers of Spanish lessons such as this one will increase markedly.

And save yourself valuable time - to learn 200 words a day is easily achievable!

Learn Spanish Animals the 200 Words a Day! way.

We hope that you have found this Spanish lesson informative and hopefully inspiring.

Copyright© 2011. All rights reserved. Learn Spanish Help© Also See also www.learn-french-help.com & www.learn-german-help.com. Learn Spanish Animals.

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