What is the word for Spain in Spanish? and the other countries.

How do you say Spain in Spanish?

The Spanish is:

la España

In Spanish, countries that end in an -a are usually feminine gender (la).

The others are masculine gender (el).

The ñ is pronounced like the ni as in onion.

Phrases to help you to get about Spain in Spanish

¿De dónde es?
Where are you from? in Spanish (formal).

¿De dónde eres?
Where are you from? in Spanish (informal).

Yo soy de España.
I am from Spain.

¿Eres de Madrid?
Are you from Madrid.

Si, soy de Madrid.
Yes, I am from Madrid.

¿Es usted madrileño?
Are you a Madrileño? (a male person from Madrid).

¿Si, pero mis padres son de Barcelona?
Yes, but my parents are from Barcelona.

¿Y tu mujer - es ella de Madrid?
No mi mujer es de Santander.

¿Pues, ella es española también?
Then she is Spanish? (a male Spaniard is español).

¿ Si?

The Make-up of Spain

There are 17 Comunidades Autónomas in Spain, with a fair amount of freedom to run their own regional political affairs.

Each has its own local government and its own capital.

The Autonomous Communities are:

  1. Andalucía
  2. Aragón
  3. Asturias
  4. Baleares
  5. Canarias
  6. Cantabria
  7. Castilla la Mancha
  8. Castilla y Leon
  9. Cataluña
  10. Extremadura
  11. Galicia
  12. La Rioja
  13. Madrid
  14. Murcia
  15. Navarra
  16. País Vasco (Euskadi)
  17. Valencia

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