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Hi. Welcome to your free Spanish tutorial , introducing you to some techniques so you can say it in Spanish!

Below is a list of words which are amongst the most commonly used in the Spanish language. Learn them, and then test yourself.

How are you going to memorize them? By repetition? By reading them over and over time and again.

There is an easier way.

You can now learn and remember 200 words a day, and if you are not then you are using out-of-date methods.

And you can apply these methods to all the words in this free Spanish tutorial.

because of . . . prep. a causa de

happy (content) . . . adj. contento

me, to me . . . prn. me

to say, to tell . . .v. decir

to see . . . v. ver

to think . . . v. pensar

to use . . . v. usar

under . . . adv. debajo de

up, above, upstairs . . . adv. arriba

what? which? . . . q. ¿qué?

when? . . . q. ¿cuándo?

where? . . . q. ¿dónde?

who? . . . q. ¿quién? ¿quiénes?

why? . . . q. ¿por qué?

with . . . prep. con

without . . . prep. sin

your, his, her, their . . . adj. suyo

Remembered all the words in the free Spanish tutorial.

How do you learn best?

Are you basically a visual person - one that has to see things,

or are you kinesthetic, someone who learns mainly by physically doing, by being hands-on, by actively being involved. ?

Or perhaps you are classed as an auditory learner, someone who learns best by listening?

Of course, we all learn by a combination of all the approaches but we all tend to have our own preferred learning styles.

If you can combine them all, then your learning experience is more enhanced, and effective.

Using all the learning styles is refered to as multi-modal learning, and this approach is highly recommended by learning experts.

Memory masters have taught us that the most effective way to memorise words of a new language (or anything!) is to visualise the thing you are trying to remember in a funny scene ... make up a silly, off-beat story ... the crazier, the sillier, the more off-the-wall the better!

Try an example.

From the list above, you can see that the Spanish word for to see is VER... which sounds like VERy, so ....

....imagine a man saying, "with glasses I see VERy well."

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Free Spanish Tutorial

... and, study the picture! ... Easy!

By remembering the picture and the funny scene you will remember the word. The words in this free Spanish tutorial become 5 times easier to learn AND remember.

....And how many words does a picture paint? Yup, a thousand!

There is much more to the easy-to-use accelerated learning techniques of the 200 Words a Day system. Check out the link below.

Memorize the words in this free Spanish tutorial the 200 Words a Day! way.

We hope that you will improve your learning of Spanish, using the techniques discussed in this free Spanish tutorial!

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