Live Spanish to learn it!
Learn Spanish in Spain.

Want to learn Spanish. Go to the source! Learn Spanish in Spain.

To learn Spanish you are best to live and breathe Spanish in a Spanish speaking country.

What better place than the Motherland of the Lingo?

You’ll also learn much more, especially if you also get to travel through Latin Americas. You’ll recognize the origins of hundreds of place names (and street names).

Cartagena in Colombia, Valladolid in Mexico, Cordoba in Argentina, Toledo in USA, etc, etc. Spain is where they all originated.

Total immersion is unquestionably one of the best ways to more rapidly learn Spanish, well that is, to learn real spoken Spanish . . . but it on its own just diving in without any other back-up is a little pointless.

You really need a comprehensive study plan with several main elements.

You need to combine:

  • a good comprehensive, preferably concentrated course, with a capable teacher with whom you can converse, interact, communicate and talk. . . .

  • you need to have an effective Spanish vocab learning system. With modern cutting edge techniques, that are simple and fun, you can learn Spanish at 200 words a day or better.

    A solid base of vocab broadens gives you lots of 'tools in your learn Spanish toolbox'. With modern techniques and software you can quickly blast through and build a really solid base of Spanish vocab.

    Spend more effort initially on vocab rather than grammar, which you can perfect and improve over time. Words, however let you communicate, initially anyway. . .

  • learn some elementary grammar , but more importantly

  • learn and understand how to form verbs in Spanish. This is a big task, but like eating an elephant, it must be done, slowly one bite at a time. Spanish verbs are more complex than English, and the Hispanics make it much more tricky for the learner by dropping the pronouns.

    What this means is that they don't generally say 'I am going' and 'you are going', they would say the equivalent of ' going' and '...are going'. Because the Spaniard has said, ' going' you should know it must be 'I am going' because 'am' only fits with 'I'. And all the verb endings in Spanish let you know if it is I, you, he, she, they, we, it and such like!

    But don't give up on learning Spanish verbs just yet! Spanish verbs follow general patterns, and you can therefore learn the patterns which repeat. Learning one pattern, allows you to know the formation of hundreds of similar verbs.

    In fact an accelerated Spanish verb learning course is available to make the big task of learning and remembering Spanish verbs easier.

  • learn phrases…., use them and make mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the more you will improve, by getting them corrected,

  • then put it all in to practice, by talking to locals.
Only speak Spanish and nothing else. Oldies and young kids love to talk, and this can be a big boost if you choose to learn Spanish in Spain!

There are many coures offering home-stays with Spanish-speaking families if you wish to learn Spanish in Spain. Avoid ones where they are trying to improve their English, when you go and learn Spanish in Spain!!

Avoid anyone who speaks your native tongue, unless they too only converse in Spanish (no matter what level).

This can be a drawback with some of the more touristy places, say on the Costa del Sol for example, because not only is English more widely spoken, but there are thousands of English speaking tourists to chat to!

Enjoy the experience of total immersion language learning in a Spanish speaking country. Learn Spanish in Spain!

Live and Learn Spanish in Spain

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Enjoy learning Spanish by living Spanish. Learn Spanish in Spain.

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Contact us for more info if you want to learn Spanish in Spain!

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