Live Spanish to learn it! Learn Spanish in Cadiz, Spain.

Want to learn Spanish? Go to the source! Spain. Why not learn Spanish in Cadiz.

To learn to speak Spanish you are advised at some stage to 'live Spanish' in one of the 20-plus Spanish speaking countries in the world.

What better place than the Motherland of the Lingo? Spain itself.

Total immersion is unquestionably a powerful tool, if used properly and one of the best ways to quickly consolidate your learned Spanish, well i.e, to learn real spoken Spanish . . . but it does need a good plan with five main pillars to hold it up.

Some adults may prefer to go the 'total immersion' route later, when you have built a base of vocab, grammar, conversation and structure to your language skills.

You should combine:

  • a good comprehensive, preferably concentrated course, with a Spanish teacher with whom you can question, listen to and interact. . . . it does not have to be in one sitting - it can be over months, or years at regular night school...

  • have an effective Spanish word and vocabulary studying system. With modern computer-based learning techniques you can now get a programme to teach you Spanish at 200 words a day.

    By doing this you quickly build a big inventory of vocabulary which gives you lots of 'tools in your Speak Spanish toolbox'.

  • learn some basic grammar & structure understand how to form verbs in Spanish. Initially however, don't too hung up on being initially too perfect at grammar.

    One thing you can be sure of... when learning a language you are going to make lots of mistakes....

  • learn phrases..., use them and be prepared to make mistakes. The more errors you make, the more you will improve, provided you get them corrected,

  • then put it all in to practice, by talking to locals.

Only speak Spanish when you are learning and when you are in a total immersion situation. Old folk and small children are great to speak with when learning Spanish.

They both love talking! Avoid people speaking your native tongue!

Enjoy the total immersion language learning experience in a Hispanic country. Learn Spanish in Cadiz!

Live and Learn Spanish in Cadiz

Colegio de Español la Janda - Cádiz

Language programs are supplemented with weekend excursions to nearby Seville, Cadiz, Ronda and Morocco - just across the water.

The school advertises General Intensive, Super Intensive Spanish courses, one-on-one Spanish tuition and even Flamenco dance.

Accommodation can be arranged in flats or apartments, or with a Spanish family. The benefit of staying with a family is that one can hear Spanish in action, and practise it.

Gadir - Escuela Internacional de Español - Cádiz - Learn Spanish in Cadiz.

Is a Cervantes Accredited Centre offering courses from Beginner, through Elementary, to Advanced. Classes are forty-five minute sessions, with a maximum class size of seven. Minimum class size is 3

Accommodation is available in flats, shared accommodation, with Spanish families or hotels.

Enjoy learning Spanish by living Spanish. Learn Spanish in Cadiz.

More info and links if you want to learn Spanish in Cadiz.

Hundreds of Facts on Spain.

Map of Spain.

Flag of Spain.

Contact us for more info if you want to learn Spanish in Cadiz!

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