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Want to learn Spanish? Why not check out the places to learn Spanish in Jaca.

Jaca is in Northeastern Spain near the Pyrenees Mountains, and very close to the border with France.

There are great advantages in learning Spanish in a Hispanic country, where all around is Hispanic.

Total immersion is unquestionably the best way to quickly consolidate your Spanish.

  • Take a concentrated course full time at a language school.

  • work on your vocab and rapidly build a solid base of vocabulary quickly.

  • learn basic grammar & learn how to form verbs in Spanish.

  • build up a repertoire of phrases....

  • use them and do not be afraid to make mistakes. By making mistakes you will improve.

  • By putting in to practise and getting into conversation you will improve. Converse with the locals.
Speak nothing but Spanish.

Live and Learn Spanish in Jaca

Aula Hispanica - Jaca
Students are tested to ensure they are put in to the correct level of class. Teachers have a degree according to their website. 6 students to a class, 50 minute lessons; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels of tuition.

As well as being able to learn Spanish in Jaca you check out many other language schools in Spain.

Enjoy learning Spanish by living Spanish. Check out the facts on Jaca, Aragon, to learn Spanish in Jaca , near the Pyrenees.

Learn More About Jaca

Jaca is situated to the north of Spain, at an altitude of 820 meters in the Pyrenees and some 850 meters (2800 ft) above sea level, with the beach of San Sebastian an hour to the west, Zaragoza 150 km to the south and the important city of Barcelona 300 km to the east.

There are daily bus services to each of these towns with good infrastructure to connect with the rest of Spain.

Jaca is known as the "Pearl of the Pyrenees".

It is a cosmopolitan European city, and an important stop along the "Camino de Santiago", the Pilgrim's Road to Santiago de Compostela.

The famous pilgrimage of Santa Orosia, takes place in Jaca on the 25th of June, and in Yebra de Basa on the 25th of July.

During these pilgrimages, some of the most ancient dances in the Pyrenees are staged, to the sound of sacred and ancient instruments like a primitive flute with three holes, and the string psaltery.

It was also the capital of Aragon from 1035 to 1095AD.

Today, Jaca not only provides the perfect base for organizing excursions into the Pyrenees and nearby ski resorts but also holds many festivals, most notably the Fiestas de Santa Orosia San Pedro (June 23-29).

During these fiestas, the city is alive with various concerts and plays with improvised performances, as well as with formal processions like La Comparsa de Gigantes (a company of characters in oversized costumes) and numerous ad hoc parades, which usually occur under the influence of many a beverage.

Once every two years (on the odd numbered years) during the first week in August, Jaca holds one of the world’s best international folkloric and music and dance festivals.

It is as if the world decided to meet during one week to dance in the Pyreneans to let the spirit touch the mountains and the sky.

The first Friday of May is one of the most celebrated local functions.

It commemorates a medieval battle, with activities like jousts, tournaments, ancient Aragonese sports like javelin and a beautiful flag-waving show.

The city of Jaca is a perfect setting to learn Spanish.

Though a small city, it is very hospitable and welcoming, so to learn Spanish in Jaca is to do so in a natural Hispanic setting.

It is very easy to establish contact with its people; culture, tradition and nature being the keywords defining the character of the Pyrenees.

Jaca, a leading tourist resort in the heart of the Aragon Pyrenees today, is a small city with good communications and with significant artistic and historical heritage.

It offers a wide variety of cultural events, services and sports pastimes.

Less than two hours from Zaragoza, it is a gateway to Europe just a few kilometres from the French border.

It is also a processing center for lumber and for the farm products of the fertile Aragón valley, Jaca offers a wide range of cultural events and services, ranging from concerts to flea markets to exhibitions to conferences and congresses.

There are many exhibitions displaying crafts, musical instruments, stamps and other objects from the participating countries.

The "Ciudadela" (citadel), a great example of 16th-century military architecture, which was declared a National Monument is worth a visit.

Construction work for the citadel began in 1591. The building has a pentagonal floor plan of huge dimensions, and is built on a flat surface.

Jaca is also known for the presence of well known buildings like the monastery of the Benedictines, Romanesque cathedral, Santiago church, San Miguel Bridge, hermitage of Sarsa, Torre del Reloj(clock tower) and the City hall.

History of Jaca

Jaca became the cradle of Aragonese kingdom after it was recaptured from the Moors.

In 1097 Huesca was replaced as the capital.

The city became the site of a Jewish high school in about the eleventh century when the Jews settled there.

Sancho Ramirez the Great, King of Navarre, did not permit the Jews to grind their grain in just any mill they wanted to.

A certain mill belonging to the city was assigned to them and to the bread-sellers, which could be used by them on payment of a certain tax.

They were even compelled to pay all the usual imposts and taxes.

The Jews basically engaged themselves in industries.

In 1281 the Jews of Jaca and of the surrounding villages were obliged to contribute towards repairing the fortifications, which had been damaged during the French invasion.

In 1289 they had to pay King Jaime 6,000 sueldos towards defraying the costs of an expedition against Sicily.

The outbreak of the Shepherds in 1321 victimized the Jaca Jews, killing no less than 400 of them.

The Jews were tortured,killed and forcibly baptized at Jaca in 1391. By 1438, the community was reduced to such a low that only 200 sueldos were collected in taxes.

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