Live Spanish to learn it! Learn Spanish in Spanish Regional Center s

Want to learn Spanish? Go to the source! Learn Spanish in Spanish Regional Center s, outside of the big cities. Try one of the smaller towns dotted around the country.

There are loads of schools in Spain and many other language schools in other parts of the world.

Going to a language school in a Spanish speaking country is a great way to either begin Spanish, or consolidate what you have learned with a more advanced course.

It also gives you the chance to practise.

Total immersion is inarguably a great way to consolidate your Spanish learning.

Your immersion plan should include:

  • a good language school,

  • an accelerated vocabulary learning technique to allow you to rapidly build a solid foundation of Spanish vocabulary. Learning a language is like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle and vocab is one way to get lots of pieces together. (Every now and again someone will walk over the puzzle, or jolt the table it is on.... but don't worry, that is all part of the learning process).

  • learn some grammar which your school course will do.

  • Learn how to form verbs in Spanish.

  • learn phrases and build up a personal repertoire so that you can use them and

  • be prepared to make errors & mistakes.

    Language learning is very much about making mistakes and learning from them.

    Carry a notebook and a dictaphone. A dictaphone is particularly useful, as you can record people when you talk, you can ask them to record a sentence or sentences that they just mentioned, which you can then type up when you get to a PC.

  • then put it all in to practice, by conversing with to native speakers.

    Speak exclusively in Spanish.

    Conversation is where the real consolidation takes place... and is a very important part of the learning process.

    Live and Learn Spanish in Spanish Regional Centers

    Abril Escuela de Español - Alcalá De Henares

    IEMA - Avila

    Die Akademie - Balearics
    Learn Spanish in the Balearic Islands.

    Instituto Hemingway - Bilbao
    Learn Spanish in Spanish Regional Center Bilbao in the North.

    Spanish Now - Calpe

    Spanish Language Academy - Ciudad Rodrigo
    Learn Spanish in Ciudad Rodrigo.

    Hola Denia - Denia

    Academia de Idiomas Trinity School - El Puerto De Santa Maria

    Sampere - El Puerto De Santa Maria

    Ibiza Lengua Estudio - Ibiza
    Learn Spanish in Ibiza.

    Centro de Enseñanza - La Herradura - La Herradura

    Gran Canaria School - Las Palmas
    Learn Spanish in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands.

    Escuela ALALBA - Llançà

    Elepalma Spanish School - Majorca
    Learn Spanish in Palma, Majorca.

    Estudio Hispanico - Marbella - Marbella

    Castila Mojacar - Mojacar
    Learn Spanish in Center Mojacar.

    Academia Atenea - Moratalla

    Centro de Idiomas Quorum - Nerja
    Learn Spanish in Nerja.

    Aula Sin Fronteras - Salas De Los Infantes

    Academia Lacunza - San Sebastian
    Learn Spanish in San Sebastian.

    Akralingua - San Vicente Del Rapeig

    Foro Español de Lengua y Cultura - Sanlúcar De Barrameda

    Canarias Cultural - Santa Cruz De Tenerife

    Academia Delta - Santander
    Learn Spanish in Santander.

    Academia Iria Flavia - Santiago De Compostela

    California School - International House Valladolid - Valladolid
    Learn Spanish in Spanish Regional Center Valladolid.

    Concorde - Vigo - Learn Spanish in Spanish Regional Center s

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    Learn Spanish in Spanish Regional Centers
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