Learn Spanish in Seville. Live & breathe Hispanic in Spain.

Want to learn Spanish? Get yourself to Spain! Learn Spanish in Seville.

Maybe you can learn hairdressing there at the same time.... (with the Barber of Seville)... just kidding.

Spain is a great place to learn Spanish seeing as they invented it, and all the traps that go with it.

Total immersion is unquestionably the best way to quickly consolidate the Spanish you have learned, which means that at some point you should get yourself in to a situation where you only speak Spanish and are surrounded by only Spanish.

One technique is to get yourself a course in Spanish in one of the countries where Spanish is spoken as the mother tongue.

In such a situation it is important to involve a number of key approaches:

How to best benefit from Total Immersion Learning

  • Take a concentrated Spanish course. Check out the lists of schools on this site. Having a teacher to interact with and learn from is still great for the learning process, even in this computerised age. . . .

  • quickly build a solid base of vocabulary using an effective Spanish word learning system. Certain PC software programmes can teach Spanish at 200 words a day or more.

    Having a big vocab base gives you a bit of a 'headstart'in terms of learning, because it gives you a lot more pieces of the big language learning jig-saw puzzle.

    (And it is a big, big jigsaw with thousands of pieces...)

    Initially spend a bit of concentrated effort on building up the vocab rather than grammar. . . (the grammar will come next...)

  • learn some grammar & understand how to form verbs in Spanish. Initially however, do not get too obsessed with perfecting your grammar,Learn Spanish
  • learn phrases..., build a stock standard 'database' of phrases that you can use.

    Use them in conversation and do not be afraid of making mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn. Carry a pocket dictaphone or notebook to note any errors and corrections!

  • then put all your learning in to action! It is only by practising and conversing, by talking to locals, that you really, really start to learn. You are forced to think on your feet!

    The real learning commences when you get out and speak - speak - speak!! So.....

Only speak Spanish and nothing else. Find some oldies to talk to because the older generation love to talk! ....and so do little kids!

Hispanics love to sit around and gossip in the late afternoons and evenings and this is a great chance to get into conversation.

Avoid people who speaks English or your mother tongue, unless it is to clarify a learning point.

Live and Learn Spanish in Seville, Spain

Academia Lenguaviva Sevilla - Seville
Acccomodation arranged in local families, with other students or in the school's student residence. Some emphasis placed on integration into local life.

Don Quijote language school- Sevilla
The Don Quijote language school in Seville is part of the 8 school chain with sister schools in Madrid, Tenerife, Mexico, Granada,Salamanca, and Valencia.

You can do your course in one city, then transfer to another city for other parts of the course, this way getting to see much more of Spain than if you just stayed in one place.

Alhambra Instituto- Sevilla - Seville
Course range from 1 to twenty weeks in duration. Students are assessed on entry to ensure they are put in to the correct standard of Spanish course. Class sizes of six to ten students.

Centro de Lenguas e Intercambio Cultural - International House - Seville
Courses of all levels, class-room or one-on-one.

Giralda Center - Seville
http://www.giraldacenter.com - Learn Spanish in Seville.

Enjoy learning Spanish by living Spanish. Learn Spanish in Seville.

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Learn Spanish in Seville
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