Live Spanish to learn it! Learn Spanish in a Language School in Madrid.

Want to learn Spanish? Go to the capital of the source! Learn Spanish in Madrid. The heart of the Castillian World.

To learn Spanish you are best to live totally Spanish in a Spanish speaking county. What better place than the Motherland of Spanish, and what better city than the capital?

Madrid is a historic, vibrant, bustling city with lots of things to do and see. Start with a bus tour around the capital, and you will start to get a feel for the magnificence of its empire and its legacy. There are many schools there specialising in the teaching of Spanish.

Choosing your Spanish Language School

There is such a wide range of Spanish language schools to choose from.... so it really does depend on your own circumstances, budget and choices, as to what is going to suit you.

You may just want a one week introduction course, or a full degree course at a university. Some of the bigger Spanish language schools will have courses approved for accreditation towards a degree.

Madrid has the entire range of Spanish language courses from beginners to advanced.

In addition to classes most Spanish language schools will be able to arrange accommodation and lodgings.

A great idea is to get lodgings with a local Spanish speaking family, so that you can hear, see and feel the language and culture in action and in context.

If you can cope with the added initial difficulty it is particularly useful to get such lodgings with people who do not speak English, or any other language that you speak, so that you are forced to communicate in Spanish.

The longer you stay, the more useful this will be. At some point the language just clicks, although initially it can feel overwhelming and frustrating.

A language school is an important part of the language learning mix, and while computer based learning, and learning from books is powerful, and important, there are many advantages in classroom learning with a skilled, qualified and motivated student.

Total Immersion Language Learning

Total immersion is a great way to more quickly acquire the language skills in Spanish, but it does need to be part of a broader learning package which combines a number of main elements.

You should combine:

  • a good concentrated intensive course, with a fluent teacher who you can ask questions, talk to, interact with. Someone who can lead you and correct those mistakes.
  • have a sound Spanish vocab learning system. You can be learning Spanish vocab at 200 words a day or more nowadays, but not all courses can teach at this rate.

    Most systems use fairly traditional, slow techniques.

    The more vocab you have, the more weaponry in your armoury.

  • learn some elementary grammar . I would initially concentrate more on vocab than on perfect grammar. Words let you understand more individual things, and one or two words can give a clue to the meaning of a sentence.
  • Learn how to form verbs in Spanish by learning the repeating patterns, using an accelerated verb learning programme, of which there are very few.
  • learn phrases . . .., use them and make mistakes. If you are not making mistakes, and mucking it up, you will be unlikely to be improving. The more mistakes you make, the more you will improve, provided you are getting the mistakes corrected, hence the value of a teacher, and a notebook to record your errors.
  • then put it all in to practice, by talking to locals.
  • Only speak Spanish. Little kids and old people are good to speak to when learning Spanish, as they enjoy talking.
  • Stay away from people who only speak your mother-tongue, unless they too only speak Spanish (no matter what level).
Enjoy the experience of total immersion language learning in a Spanish speaking country. Learn Spanish in Madrid!

And it is all so much simpler with so many cheap flights to Spain nowadays!

Live and Learn Spanish in Madrid. Spanish Language Schools

Academia Inhispania - Madrid

Spanish Language Schools - ENFOREX - Madrid

Enforex - Madrid, Spain

Enforex offers several Spanish language courses in cities in Spain and Latin America.

Accommodation is with arranged with host families (homestay) and activities are an optional part of the program. Intensive and Super-Intensive courses are available in small groups or individual classes. All levels, beginners to advanced, start any week of the year. For ages 18 and over.

Acento Español - Madrid

Elemadrid - Madrid
Learn Spanish in Madrid with elemadrid.

Escuela Quercus - Madrid

Don Quijote Spanish Language School - Madrid

The donquijote language school is part of the 8 school chain with sister schools in Madrid, Tenerife, Mexico, Granada, Sevilla, Salamanca, and Valencia.

You can do your course in one city, then transfer to another city for other parts of the course, this way getting to see much more of Spain than if you just stayed in one place.

Estudio Hispanico - Madrid - Madrid
Learn Spanish in Madrid.

Eureka - Madrid

Linguamadrid - Madrid

Sampere - Madrid - Madrid

Todo Español - Madrid

Enjoy learning Spanish by living Spanish. Learn Spanish in Madrid.

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And don't forget to check out the hotels and places to stay in Madrid if you want to learn Spanish in Madrid!

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