Live Spanish to learn it! Learn Spanish in Oviedo.

Want to learn Spanish? Go to the source! Learn Spanish in Oviedo.

To learn Spanish you are best to live in a total immersion situation and learn Spanish in a Spanish speaking county. What better place than the Motherland of the Spanish language.

Total immersion is a great way to quickly learn Spanish, well that is, to learn real spoken Spanish . . . but it needs a plan with several key features. On its own, just diving in cold will make it difficult. This process can be accelerated with a multi-pronged learning strategy.

You need to combine:

  • a good concentrated course, with a good teacher with whom you can converse, talk and interact. A number of schools are listed here if you wish to learn Spanish in Oviedo, or do check out some of the other Spannish schools on other pages on this site.

  • have an effective Spanish vocab learning system With modern accelerated techniques that have incorporated the teachings of the modern memory masters, you can learn Spanish at 200 words a day or more. Such a course will list your rate of learning that is tracked by the computer.

    A large vocab gives you lots of 'tools and instruments in the Spanish learning tool-box'.

  • learn some elementary grammar & understand how to form verbs in Spanish. Initially however, do not get too hung up on perfecting grammar,

  • Learn the main verb patterns, they are more complex than English, but they do follow patterns which repeat. There are irregulars as well, but an accelerated verb learning course will teach you the patterns more quickly than a traditional learning course.

  • learn and use Spanish phrases. Use them,make mistakes, and learn from the mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the more you will improve, by getting them corrected. Making the mistake makes you think about the phrase you used, the context, and an improved phrase. Here is where a teacher is important.

  • then put it all in to practice, by talking to Hispanic locals.

    Only speak Spanish. Old people and little kids are good to speak to when learning Spanish as they like talking.

    Steer away from anyone who only speaks your native tongue, unless they too only speak Spanish (no matter what level).

    Enjoy the experience of total immersion language learning in a Spanish speaking country. Learn Spanish in Oviedo!

    Live and Learn Spanish in Oviedo

    ALEA - Oviedo

    CBCE - Oviedo

    Hispalingua - Oviedo

    Enjoy learning Spanish by living Spanish. Learn Spanish in Oviedo.

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    Lots of other Spanish Schools around the World where you can learn Spanish.

    Contact us for more info if you want to learn Spanish in Oviedo!

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