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To learn Spanish you are best to live Spanish in a Spanish speaking county. What better place than the Motherland of the Lingo... Spain itself... where there are many Spanish language schools.

Enjoy the experience of total immersion language learning in a Spanish speaking country. Learning Spanish in Alicante could be fun! To really move strongly to Spanish language fluency, you a solid period of solid total immersion is imperative.

Alicante, one of Spain's oldest cities, is on the Costa Brava, south of Valencia. Its history spans over 2,000 years to the Roman times. They called it the 'City of Light', Lucentum.

The airport connects to many main centres of Europe and Spain, and serves as a gateway to Alicante itself and to the neighbouring resort town of Benidorm and other small Costa Brava vacation spots.

Its attractions include a stunning medieval fortress, the Castillo de Santa Barbara, which overlooks the city of Alicante from the north. You can get there by cable car.

Alicante city's oldest church St Mary's dates from the 14th Century and is built over the ruins of a Moorish mosque.

Other sights include the the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas of Bari, St Ferdinand Castle, and the Alicante Bullring, which is one of the oldest in Spain.

Close by are some nice beaches, the best being just ten minutes drive at neighbouring San Juan. Get a tan while you review your learn Spanish notes and lessons.

Also a close drive is the Moraira area with its sheltered beach, and bars and cafés, and the El Portet beach.

Ideal for short day trips are the nearby coastal towns of Calpe, Altea, and Javea. Calpe has a wonderful choice of seafood restaurants, while in Altea the local market parallels the seafront. Be sure to rapidly learn your Spanish vocabulary pertinent to these places in the most efficient way possible, before you order you lobster...

Should you venture inland from the coastal roads, do visit the Jalon Valley, with its picture-perfect groves of lemon trees, orange trees and almond trees.

In this region are the lovely Cascada de El Algar waterfalls. Do visit some of the local wineries and wine cellars, and do sample some of the local Alicante wines.

In this region you will also find the Guadalest, an historic walled village way up in the mountains. Here the scenery is breathtakingly stunning. From the mountain areas you can drive down into Altea and the holiday town of Benidorm.

Aqualandia Benidorm is a fun day out for those of you who like water slides and water parks.

Live and Learn Spanish in Alicante in a Spanish Language School

There are a number of Spanish language schools in Alicante.

Alhambra Spanish Language School - Alicante - Alicante

Colegio de España - Spanish Language School - Alicante - Alicante

Colegio Internacional Alicante - Spanish Language School - Alicante

Enjoy learning Spanish by living Spanish, learning in a Spanish Language school in Spain.

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