Learn 'pure' Spanish - Castillano. Learn Spanish at a Language School in Salamanca!

What better place than to learn Spanish in Salamanca, Spain?

Learning Spanish on location is a great way to more rapidly pick up the language – and in Salamanca they speak pure castillano.

All about Salamanca
Lying in the southwest corner of Castile & León bordering Extremadura and Portugal, the provinces covers 12,000 square kms in area. The area is not highly suited to cultivation.

It is two hours drive from the Spanish capital of Madrid and well served by trains, buses and excellent road links.

History of Salamanca

Salamanca was once part Rome’s Lusitania province, and later falling under the control of Carthaginian leader Hannibal. The Moors controlled it for long periods, interspersed with periods of Christian rule.

Spain's Oldest University

In 1200 Alfonso IX founded the University of Salamanca, which Pope Alexander IV described in 1254 “one of the world’s 4 leading lights”. It is Spain’s oldest university and is a living museum with many historic buildings.

Over the centuries many famous thinkers have descended on the place.

The Golden City

Because many of the buildings are constructed by the gold coloured Villamayor sandstone, that change colour tone with the varying moods of the sun, the city is often called ‘the Golden City’ - la Dorada.

Even modern buildings are made from the same material toning in with the country’s centuries old traditions.

European City of Culture

Salamanca was awared European City of Culture 2002, and was declared by UNESCO to be ‘Heritage of Humanity.’

Land of the Bulls

Because many of Spain's fighting bulls are reared in the area another common name for it is ‘Land of the Bulls’.

Main Tourist Sites

Centro Internacional de Arte: Holds monthly exhibitions and has original works of Picasso, Saura, Alberti, Antonio Caceres, Alvarez Ilzarbe and many more.

Teatro Juan del Enzina: Part of the University of Salamanca with many shows throughout the year.

Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Castile and Leon: The project is work of architect Juan Navarro’s design was completed in 1992.

Other interesting buildings: Teatro Liceo; Multiusos Sánchez Paraíso; Centro de Artes Escénicas .

Salamanca’s Famous Citizens

Christopher Columbus doggedly hounded King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to fund his missions to the New World, following the Royal Court on its travels.

Columbus visited Salamanca between November 1486 and January 1487.

Miguel de Cervantes the creator of Don Quijote studied at the University of Salamanca 400 years ago.

The great Spanish poet and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno studied in Salamanca.

Salamanca, with its population of 156,000, has long been a popular place to study Spanish.

Why? Because it is in the heartland of Castile, and is deemed to be somewhere they speak ‘pure Castilian’ –castillano the ‘true Spanish’ … a bit like the Queen’s English...

For this reason there are many language schools there, including some very good Spanish language schools.

A concentrated course in a Hispanic country is a great way to learn or consolidate your Spanish. Learn Spanish in Salamanca.

Check out

  • Our list of Spanish courses in Salamanca, Spain.

    As part of your learning Spanish strategy you need to combine a number of elements with your learning plan.

    You need:

    • A class-room course with a good teacher with whom you can interact is still a great teaching/learning tool, even in today's computer age. See our list below, with hyperlinks to various school's websites.

    • You need to have an effective Spanish vocab learning system. Check out about learning Spanish at the rate of 200 words a day.

    • learn some elementary grammar & learn how to form Spanish verbs. Initially however, do not get TOO stressed about being perfect at grammar, ... it will come...

    • learn Spanish phrases. Build a repertoire, use them and be ready to make, accept and learn from your mistakes.

    • then put all your learning into practice, by getting in to conversation with local people.

      To really accelerate your learning - only talk Spanish.

    Live and Learn Spanish in Salamanca

    ABACO - Salamanca

    ENFOREX - Salamanca
    Enforex - Salamanca

    Enforex offers Spanish language courses in both Spain & in Latin America. Learn Spanish in Salamanca with Enforex.

    Accommodation is with host families (homestay) and activities are an optional part of the program. Intensive and Super Intensive courses can be taken in small class groups or individual classes. For all levels, from beginners to advanced, start any week of the year. For ages 18 and over.

    Alhambra - Salamanca - Salamanca

    Capilla Dorada - Salamanca

    Centro Eureka - Salamanca

    Colegio de España - Salamanca
    A member of Federación Española de Centros de Enseñanza de Español, (Spanish Federation of Spanish Teaching Centres) AITIPE - Asociación Internacional de Traductores, Intérpretes y Profesores de Español, - the International Association of Translators, Interpreters and Teachers of Spanish. ACL - (Asociación Castellano-Leonesa).

    Granted the Seal of Quality in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, given by the University of Alcalá de Henares (CEELE).

    Their website gives the impression of a fairly impressive college. We would welcome any feedback.

    Colegio Unamuno - Salamanca

    Delibes - Salamanca

    Don Quijote - Salamanca
    Don Quijote - Salamanca
    is part of the 8 school chain, 7 of which are in Spain and one of which is Guanajuato, Mexico.

    If 12,000 courses to students a year is any measure one can take this as testimony to the quality of their Spanish teaching operation.

    One of the attractions is that one can undertake parts of their courses at one of the other schools - Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Sevilla, Valencia.

    So not only can you, for example, start to learn Spanish in Salamanca, you can later transfer to another part of Spain for a different experience.

    Highly recommended. Click for more info.

    DILE - Salamanca

    Europa Idiomas - Salamanca

    Hispano Continental - Salamanca

    Learn Spanish

    Instituto Español de Salamanca Berceo - Salamanca

    Letra Hispánica - Salamanca
    Learn Spanish in Salamanca.

    Sampere - Salamanca
    Learn Spanish in Salamanca.

    Universpain - Salamanca
    Learn Spanish in Salamanca at Universpain.

    Spanish Schools in Spain

    Facts on Spain.

    Spain Map .

    Spanish flag.

    Spanish Language Schools around the World to learn Spanish.

    Learn Spanish in Salamanca
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