Live Spanish to learn it! Learn Spanish at a Language School in Peru.

To best learn Spanish why not live Spanish? Learn Spanish in Peru.

Going to a Hispanic country and getting total immersed in the language is unquestionably a very good way to quickly learn and improve real spoken Spanish . . . but it needs to be combined with a good plan with a number of main elements.

You need to combine:

  • an intensive course, with a good teacher with whom you can interact, talk, converse and learn. Check out some of the Spanish schools in Peru listed. . . .

  • have an effective, and concentrated Spanish vocab learning system, so that you can learn Spanish words at 200 words a day or more, which is now possible using modern accelerated learning techniques.

    The benefit of a lots of Spansih vocabulary is that it broadens out your base and gives you lots of 'tools in the learning to speak Spanish toolbox'.

    Put more effort initially on learning Spanish vocabulary rather than grammar, which you can polish later. . .

  • do learn some basic grammar , but by hearing it in action, you better understand to how much of the grammar fits together.

  • learn how to form verbs in Spanish. Spanish verbs are much more tricky than English with hundreds of variations but you can learn the main patterns which will cover you for 90% of scenarios. Learn the Spanish verb patterns using fun, modern techniques and you will quickly have a solid grasp of how they are formed and you'll have the tools to really push your learning forward at a rate much faster than traditional methods.

  • learn phrases and idiomatic expressions…., use them and don't be afraid of making mistakes. If you are not making mistakes, either you are super-genius or you are not pushing the limits. The more mistakes you make, the more you will improve, provided you have a method of getting the mistakes corrected,

  • then you need to put it all in to regular, daily practice, by talking Spanish and only Spanish to locals.

    Only talk Spanish. Old folk and little kids are good to talk to when learning Spanish. Old people love to chat and talk! They generally have more time on their hands . . . .and so do kids!

    Stay away from people who speak your native language, unless they too only speak Spanish (regardless of the level).

    Enjoy the experience of total immersion language learning in a Spanish speaking country. Learn Spanish in Peru!

    Live and Learn Spanish in Peru

    Academia Latinoamericana - Cusco
    Academia Latinoamericana
    Learn Spanish in Peru in Cusco.

    Langway - Huaraz

    Excel - Cusco
    Learn Spanish in Peru in Cusco.

    Marco Polo - Cusco, Huaro, Taray
    Learn Spanish in Peru in Cusco, Huaro, Taray.

    Amauta Spanish School - Cusco

    Loco About Spanish - Cusco

    Claro Spanish School - Arequipa
    Learn Spanish in Peru in Arequipa.

    CEICA - Arequipa
    Learn Spanish in Peru in Arequipa.

    ACUPARI - Cusco

    Tambopata Language Centre - Puerto Maldonado

    El Sol - Lima
    Learn Spanish in Peru in Lima.

    Máximo Nivel - Cusco

    Peru Language Center - Cusco

    Enjoy learning Spanish by living Spanish. Learn Spanish in Peru.

    More info and links if you want to learn Spanish in Peru.

    Hundreds of Facts on Peru.

    Map of Peru.

    Flag of Peru.

    Contact us for more info if you want to learn Spanish in Peru!

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