Live Spanish to learn it! Learn Spanish in Guatemala

To learn Spanish you are best to live and breathe Spanish for a concentrated period. Learn Spanish in Guatemala.

Total immersion, which is practice of living in a totally Hispanic country to learn the language, is a wonderful way to quickly learn conversational Spanish, well that is, to learn real spoken Spanish . . . but it needs a good plan with some key elements.

You need to combine:

Why learn Spanish in Guatemala?

What makes Guatemala so ideal as a place to learn Spanish and for language study? Because of some happy accidents of history and geography – is known forthe high quality of its Spanish. With less English influence than Mexico, and so less Spanglish, Guatemala holds more closely to proper grammar.

In general, the Guatemalan pronunciation of Spanish is slow, well-enunciated, and easy to understand. Guatemalans tend not to chop off syllables as in many other countries.

Advanced students will enjoy practicing the ‘vos’ form of the personal pronoun, which is commonly used in colloquial speech here to achieve a a more informal register than thestandard ‘tú’ form allows.

As the epicenter of Mayan culture and with a higher percentage of the population of indigenous heritage than almost any other Latin American country, Guatemala is a pluricultural and plurilingual nation.

Anthropologists, ethnomusicologists, and others coming to learn Spanish in Guatemala will discover that indigenous languages remain strongly embedded in the culturehere, especially in rural communities where Spanish is generally a second language.

For this reason, school such as CELAS MAYA offer both K’iche and Mam language tuition as well as Spanish in its language course offerings. -Christopher Curran, Coordinator, CELAS MAYA, Guatemala.

Live and Learn Spanish in Guatemala

Academia de Español - Antigua
Learn Spanish in Guatemala in Antigua.

Academia Latinoamericana Mayense - Antigua, El Remate, Monterrico Beach, Atitlan and Quetzaltenango

Atitlan School - Panajachel - Panajachel

Atitlan Spanish School - San Pedro la Laguna

Casa Rosario - San Pedro la Laguna

Casa Xelaju - Centro Colonial, Quetzaltenango
Learn Spanish in Guatemala.

Celas Maya - Centro Colonial, Quetzaltenango
One-on-one instruction with certified, experiencedteachers. Daily cultural activities, weekly conferences, weekend trips, homestays, free access to Internet Café, which also functions in support of alternative solutions to the education problems of the highlands Maya. The difference is quality, professionalism, and community.

Centro Bilingue Amerindia - Centro Colonial, Quetzaltenango Learn Spanish in Guatemala.

Centro Linguistico de la Fuente - Antigua
Approved by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education as well as by Inguat. Courses may be accredited through La Universidad Rural de Guatemala and the Ministerio de Relaciones Internacionales. Learn Spanish in Guatemala in Antigua.

Centro Linguistico Internacional - Antigua

Centro Linguistico Maya - Antigua
Learn Spanish in Guatemala.

Centro Maya de Idiomas - Quetzaltenango

Centroamerica - Antigua

Christian Spanish Academy - Antigua

Corazón Maya - San Pedro la Laguna

Eco-Escuela de Español - San Andrés, Petén
Eco-Escuela de Español is a community project focused on the conservation of natural resources and protected areas of Petén, as opposed to the degrading of the tropical forest. It benefits 60+ families year round who host its students.

Eco-Escuela offers a full immersion Spanish program with one on one instruction, 4 hours a day, 5 days a week with a home-stay from Monday through Friday, 3 meals a day for US$ 175.00 per week. Services for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Located in San Andrés, Petén right on the shores of Lake Petén, Itzá. San Andrés is a lively town, friendly and welcoming to tourists. You can not only learn Spanish in Guatemala with this school but gain insight into conservation and ecological issues.

Educación para Todos - Quetzaltenango
Here's what they said about their school:

"Our program provides the most effective learning experience by immersing the student in the language and culture of Guatemala. This is achieved through an intensive one-on-one study program, living with a Guatemalan family, the opportunity to volunteer in local organizations, and weekly organized cultural, social and political events. You can study in a classroom or on our terrace where you will enjoy one of the best views in Xela."

Learn Spanish in Guatemala.

Escuela de Español Bio-Itzá - San Jose, Petén

A community project of the people of San José, Petén, organized through Asociación Bio-Itzá for the conservation of customs, traditions and language of the Maya Itzá people, the last remaining Maya group in Petén, along with the conservation of vast natural resources and protected areas, such as the Bio-Itzá Reserve in San José.

In charge of the organization, Escuela de Español Bio-Itzá is a project which benefits 50+ families in the peaceful town of San José on the northern shores of Lake Petén Itzá.

The Bio-Itzá school offers a total immersion Spanish program for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, four hours a day, 20 hours a week, from Monday through Friday, with home stay with a local family with three meals a day from Monday through Sunday, for US$ 175.00 per week. Volunteer opportunities are available. Learn Spanish in Guatemala,learn about Mayan culture and about conservation and ecological issues.

Guatemalensis - Centro Colonial, Quetzaltenango

Institute of Spanish Language and Social Aid Programs - Quetzaltenango
http://www.inepas.orgLearn Spanish in Guatemala.

Ixchel Spanish School - Antigua
Ixchel Spanish School offers intensive one-on-one Spanish courses for students of all levels. Homestay with local families, activities, excursions and airport pickup available. Learn Spanish in Guatemala in Antigua.

Jabel Tinamit Spanish School - Panajachel
Learn Spanish in Guatemala.

Juan Sisay Spanish School - Centro Colonial, Quetzaltenango non-profit collective of university educated and trained teachers founded in 1989. Offer one-on-one instruction, daily activities, homestay with a Guatemalan family and volunteer work. Located in the heart of Guatemala's second largest city, Quetzaltenango.

Los Capitanes Generales Academia Espanol - Antigua

Madre Tierra - Centro Colonial, Quetzaltenango
Learn Spanish in Guatemala in Quetzaltenango.

Mayab Spanish School - San Pedro la Laguna
Learn Spanish in Guatemala in San Pedro la Laguna.

Miguel Angel Asturias - Centro Colonial, Quetzaltenango

Minerva - Colonia Minerva, Quetzaltenango

Mundo Maya Spanish School - Peten

Orbita Spanish School - San Pedro la Laguna

Patzite Spanish School - Momostenago, Totonicapàn
The Patzite Spanish School

An atmosphere that includes direct contact with natureand the K'ichè Mayan Culture. A number of specialpackages are available in both Spanish and K'ichèMayan. Volunteer positions are available if you sodesire. Learn Spanish in Guatemala in Momostenago.

Probigua - Antigua

Proyecto Linguistico Quetzalteco - Quetzaltenango

Sakribal - Centro Colonial, Quetzaltenango
Their statement: "We are a professional school with a social outlook, acredited to University Rural of Guatemala, Inguat, Guatemalan Ministry of Education. All of our teachers have obtained the highest possible qualification inGuatemala for teaching Spanish as a second language. Part of your tuition goes directly to fund scolarships for indigenous girls. Activities are programmed every day.Learn Spanish in Guatemala in Quetzaltenango.

Spanish Academy Sevilla - Antigua
A quote from their website: "....most of our professional instructors have worked with the director for over 14 years. Your course is not only designed to suit your academic needs, we make certain that you are comfortable with your surroundings."

Tecún Umán - Centro Colonial, Antigua Spanish in Guatemala in Antigua.

Utatlan - Quetzaltenango

Xinabajul Spanish Academy - Centro Colonial, Huehuetenango

Zamora Academia - Antigua - Learn Spanish in Guatemala

Enjoy learning Spanish by living Spanish. Learn Spanish in Guatemala.

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