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All you need to know about the flag of Argentina is here.

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All the information you need to know about the flag of Argentina is here. Argentina is in southern South America and is a country of 34 million people. Main languages are Spanish, English, Italian, German, Mapuche, Quechua and Toba.

Flag of Argentina Description

The flag of Argentina is made up of a triband of two light blue stripes with a white stripe separating them in the middle. In the centre of the white stripe is a beaming yellow sun with a human face. This sun is known as the Sun of May.

flag of Argentina

Click on the little Argentina flag to see a bigger one.

History of the Flag of Argentina

The Argentine flag was designed by General Manuel Belgrano in 1812. Belgrano was an Argentinean politician, lawyer and military leader. According to tradition he got the idea and colours for the flag whilst gazing at the sky, prior to the Battle of Paraná. It is believed that Belgrano created the Sun of May on this day but some believe that the origin of the Sun of May is related to Inca mythology. Argentineans celebrate Argentine Flag Day on the anniversary of Belgrano’s death, 20th June.

Argentina flag information

The Sun of May centred on the flag of Argentina, has 16 wavy and 16 straight alternating rays. The outline of the sun is on the flag must be embroidered in gold thread and is usually shown to be outlined in a ‘dark orange’ colour in pictures.

The height:width ratio of the Argentine flag is 1:2. However the military and schools use 2:3 so it can be used in parades and ceremonies.

In Argentina there are several laws on how to display and carry the flag including the type of wood of flag pole it is to be carried on.

Facts on Argentina and more facts on the Argentine flag.

Map of Argentina.

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