Beer in Spanish. How do you say it? How to you order it so your friend will pay?

Want to know what is the word for beer in Spanish?

cervesa is beer in Spanish.

So to remember this word you can use the 200 Words a Day language Memory Trigger cartoon techniques and imagine the scene of asking a barmaid 'SERVE US A beer barmaid!' Click the link to see the cartoon.

Now with this technique the WOMAN at the bar and the BARMAID serve not only as a memory link association to the beer, but she serves as a GENDER TRIGGER, that is a way to remember that the word in Spanish is feminine.

The cartoon characters are female so the word is feminine. And this is done for every noun in their courses. Masculine nouns use male characters.

To say the most useful expression:

Two beers please, my friend will pay!
Dos cervesas por favor, mi amigo va a pagarle.

That will do the trick, but you need to read on to learn how to really order a beer in Spanish, because ...

...when ordering a beer in Spain - SIZE MATTERS!

Their system is probably different to how it is done in most countries where English is the first language. So pay attention now, or you will end up with too much or too little.

Most bars in Spain will serve beer on tap, and it is drunk cold, the colder the better for the Spaniards. In Spain, as is the case in much of Europe one orders a beer according to the size of the glass. Despite the rigidity of European Union weights and measures rulings glass sizes can vary considerably. Spanish beer glass and order sizes are as follows:

  • una caña, this being a glass or mug of beer. In fact there is a great range of what the glass can be and they can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, sometimes quite small and certainly often not like the generous British pint or German stein.
  • un tubo, literally a tube, is a tall thin glass.
  • un botellín, is a small bottle of beer, about 20 centilitres, or a fifth of a litre, 200 millilitres. Notice that it is masculine while una botella is feminine.
  • una botella is a bottle of beer.
  • una lata de cervesa is a can of beer.
  • un tanque is a large Spanish beer mug.
  • una jarra is a jug of beer. In some places in Spain this can be a large mug.

Spanish Beers

There are many locally brewed beers with three major brewers dominating the market. Spanish companies Mahou-San Miguel and Damm alongside the Dutch giants Heineken España dominate the Spanish beer market.
  • San Miguel
  • Voll Damm
  • Estrella Garcia
  • Mahou
  • Les Clandestines
  • Cerveses la Gardénia
  • Cruzcampo
  • Hijos de Rivera

There are also many local microbreweries or fabricas de cervesa in Spain where the beer in brewed locally.

Enjoy your beer in Spain.

A Free Spanish Lesson to help you learn to order a few beers in Spain, including the most useful phrase - two beers please my friend will pay! Now that you can say beer in Spanish make sure you know 'Thank you'!

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How do you say beer in Spanish?

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