A selection of common Spanish vocab. How well can you learn them?

A good place to start to learn Spanish is with vocabulary. Build up as much Spanish vocab as you can. Here is a sample list of common Spanish words you will find useful.

a . . . un, uno, una

above, over, on . . . sobre

and . . . y

because . . . porque

but . . . pero

either … or . . . o … o

for . . . para

friend (male) . . . el amigo

friend (female) . . . la amiga

from, of . . . de

good morning! . . . ¡buenos días!

goodbye! . . . ¡adiós!

occasion, time . . . la vez

our . . . nuestro

to have (auxiliary verb) . . . haber

The words in this list are some of the most common words in Spanish vocab and are a must in the word-inventory of anyone learning Spanish.

Do you want to further build your Spanish vocab efficiently ...?

Do you want to keep on building your Spanish vocabulary steadily, regularly, more effectively?

Word association is a proven technique which encourages you to remember new words by linking them to an action / event / person or thing. This is easiest when you picture a situation in your mind.

You can create your own pictures, or have them done for you ...

A common Spanish word you need to learn is el amigo - friend (male).

Create a connection between the English and the Spanish word.

Perhaps imagine a young boy saying "ME GO with my friend!"

Then, add a picture.

(male) friend in Spanish. . . el amigo


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You can memorize Spanish vocab such the words in the list up to ten times more effectively than traditional methods when you use this type of vocab learning technique.

Especially when it is presented in a multi-modal package.
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