How do you say the months in Spanish? - the months of the year.

Learn the words for all the months in Spanish. Enjoy your free Spanish lesson.

The months of the year in Spanish. . .los meses del año

January in Spanish is. . .enero

February in Spanish is. . .febrero

March in Spanish is. . .marzo

April in Spanish is. . .abril

May in Spanish is. . .mayo

June in Spanish is. . .junio

July in Spanish is. . .julio

August in Spanish is. . .agosto

September in Spanish is. . .setiembre

October in Spanish is. . .octubre

November in Spanish is. . .noviembre

December in Spanish is. . .diciembre

The genders of all the months in Spanish, are all the same. They are all masculine.

To improve memorizing and remembering these Spanish words you can do so using modern, easy techniques.

The great Memory gurus of the world teach us that the best way to memorize words is to visualize them in a mad, silly, zany scene!

For example,
the word for January in Spanish is ENERO....
(... which sounds like NERO...), so ....

January. . . enero

....imagine Emperor NERO (m) parading around in January saying, “In Spain I will name January after mE, NERO!”

Months in Spanish - January

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Months in Spanish

Using techniques like this can boost your Spanish vocab learning significantly - improving your rate up to ten times the rates achieved with traditional learning.

It also greatly improves your recall - so that your ability to regurgitate the months in Spanish for example becomes much easier.

Click on the link to learn more:

Learn the months in Spanish the 200 Words a Day! way. Now you need to commit this to memory by repeating them aloud 10 times a day for the next seven days.

Making learning the months of the year in Spanish easier...

You can accelerate this process of memorizing the months of the year in Spanish, by using a process such as the superlearning techniques of the 200 Words a Day Excelerated Learning Spanish system.


Because the cartoon Memory Triggers make the memorizing process of the Spanish words for the months of the year, much easier. Each month has a unique cartoon picture as a Memory Trigger and Gender Trigger©. Because the brain has the ability to remember almost any image, this makes the recall process easier.

So, looking at the cartoon picture

This way if you want to learn, memorize and have ability to recall the names of January in Spanish, February in Spanish and all the other months in Spanish, you will do it in a more efficient and effective manner, than just by learning through straight out rote repetition.

A Memory Trigger © gives you a powerful hook, which allows the brain to better remember all those thousands of words that you need to learn.

So once you have learnt how to say March in Spanish, or April in Spanish, May in Spanish the Memory Trigger © provides that hook when you need to recall it.

How do you say June in Spanish, or or how do you say July in Spanish?

Likewise if you want to learn to say any of the other months, like August in Spanish, October in Spanish, learning it with a Memory Trigger is easier, enables faster, more effective recall and enables you to learn hundreds of words in a short period.

Saying the months in Spanish is made easier as many are close to the English months

Most of the months in Spanish are similar to the English, therefore making it easier to remember. One of the exceptions is January. But as you can see, learning this with a Memory Trigger will make it easy to remember.

How do you say September in Spanish?

The word for September in Spanish is an interesting one.

The Spanish dictionaries show us that it can be spelt as setiembre or as septiembre.

Likewise it can be pronounced in either of the two ways. Either with the 'p' pronounced or without! In fact it is not uncommon for people to read septiembre when setiembre has been written.

Such are the joys of language learning!

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Months in Spanish
A Free Spanish Lesson to help you learn to say the names of all the months in Spanish
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