Learn Basic Spanish Words and Phrases FAST

To learn basic Spanish words and phrases fast there are two main techniques. The first of these accelerated language learning techniques is the use of mnemonics or word association Memory Triggers. The second technique is the use of cognates. Read on as we explain each in more detail and the best methods of each.

Learn Basic Spanish Words Fast - Technique #1: Mnemonics

Mnemonics are methods to remember things. For example let's consider the word for cat in Spanish, which is el gato. This sounds like GATEAU... so imagine your cat eating a chocolate GATEAU.

When you can visualise such a silly scene in your mind's eye, this makes learning and remembering the word much easier. If you have a picture, animation, drawing, painting of such a scene it makes the 'remembering' of the word easier, more effective, deeper and longer. It also makes it easier to RECALL the word and get it out of your long term memory when you want it. So in summary it makes it:
  • easier to get the new material IN to your brain
  • more fun learning it ... because the learning is light-hearted and fun
  • the memory hooks or memory triggers make it easier to remember
  • the memory is longer, deeper and more effective
  • ... and it is easier to recall
Learning with such techniques makes learning remarkably quick and there are a small number of courses that use these "word association" or "linkword" techniques that really help you to learn basic Spanish words fast.

With these you can learn and remember large numbers of words each day. In fact it is possible to learn hundreds of words in a day. Should you learn your first 1000 basic Spanish words, and then second 1000 most common Spanish words with these techniques, this will free up your learning time to concentrate on learning basic Spanish phrases, grammar and sentence building. About 40 hours of study can give you a solid foundation of 2,000 of the most common Spanish words. With that you can progress to learning grammar etc having a very good base of vocabulary.

Learn Basic Spanish Words Fast - Technique #2: Cognates

The second technique is useful in BROADENING your brain's list of basic Spanish words and vocabulary. These are the families of Spanish cognates. Cognates are words that are similar to, and related to words in English. For example the English word for fantastic is fantastico in Spanish. In other words you just replace the ending of -ic with -ico and you the key to access 300 words of Spanish from similar words of English. Likewise words ending in -ical. Logical becomes logico.

There are about 40 families of these cognates and learning will turboboost your learning of basic Spanish words and phrases.

List of Simple Spanish Words - is it effective?

A list of Basic Spanish words for you to learn is useful but it is slow, tedious and difficult learning Spanish words purely from a list. Using a computer based vocabulary teaching program is much more effective particularly if it combines the two "Learn Basic Spanish Fast Techniques above. In addition a Spanish flashcard learning system is also useful to learn and consolidate your learning of most important basic Spanish words and phrases.

Learning Spanish Phrases

By learning the basic Spanish vocabulary first, most courses will also teach you many of the basic Spanish phrases like - You will be well placed to then move on to more advanced sentence building and phrases.

Study Basic Spanish on your Computer PC

All these Spanish studying techniques are available from a myriad of programs that you can set up on your computer. However while you should use the language learning programs to learn many of the rules, vocabulary and structure, there is always great benefit in having a 'real live human' Spanish language teacher.

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Learn Basic Spanish Words and Phrases Fast

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