Goodbye in Spanish - 13 Ways to say a Spanish Farewell

Spanish goodbye? No doubt you already know how to say bye-bye in Spanish - which is adios!
But, just like in English there are lots more ways to make your farewells. You can learn them here in a snap! Try them with your Spanish speaking friends.

So rather than using the same farewell each and every time, you can vary it a great deal.

- Practise all these different forms of saying goodbye in Spanish.

- Note that in some situations a feminine word is used!

- You will see in the table that the word chau is also used. This comes from the Italian ciao! Easy!

- There is regional variation from place to place, but with all of these expressions you will be understood across the Spanish-speaking world.

- When bidding farewell Latinos are more likely than Anglo-Saxons to hug, to give a kiss or kisses on the cheek etc.

Common Forms of GOODBYE in Spanish
adiós goodbye I'm sure you already knew this one.
hasta luego see you later Literally it means 'until later'.
hasta la proxima see you next time, until next time Literally it means 'until next'.
hasta la vista until we see you Literally it means 'until the viewing, until we see each other'.
nos vemos we'll see each other Note that this is a reflexive verb.
me dio mucho gusto conocerlo nice to meet you This would be said to a man. To a woman/female use conocerla. Literally it means 'it gave me great pleasure to meet you/have met you.'
que te vaya bien go well Literally it means 'may it go well for you' (informal, friendly because it is using tu).
encantado, encantada nice to meet you Literally 'enchanted'! Encantado is said as a farewell by a man, encantada by a woman.
chaucito, chauito bye This is a familiar greeting in Latin America.
despedirse to say goodbye This is the verb infinitive.
chao bye Familiar expression in Latin America. Also spelt chau.
ya me despido I now say goodbye Literally 'already I say goodbye'.
hasta mañana see you tomorrow Literally 'until tomorrow'.

Use the different forms of Spanish good-bye

Get into the habit of using all the different forms of Spanish bye-bye expressions, or goodbye expressions. There are more as well, that you will come across. Practise them all, and also remember the differences between the formal and informal forms of address.

Now you can check out another of our many free Spanish Lessons online ...

You can now say goodbye in Spanish - try HELLO!

Using the various different forms frequently will soon embed them into your mind, so that they all become second nature! Toodle-pip .... not sure if they have that one!

Adios amigos! Hasta la proxima ... !

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Learn how to say GOODBYE in Spanish... ADIOS!

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