Good Afternoon in Spanish - buenas tardes!

To say good afternoon in Spanish you say: buenas tardes!

It literally means good lates! However there are a few things to note about using this greeting, as the Latinos use it at a slightly different time than would someone of an Anglosaxon culture. Let us explain.

In Anglosaxon English speaking cultures one starts saying 'good afternoon' from the stroke of midday.

Morning is now over, a period that can be pinpointed to the second..

You know the little hand hits the twelve, as does the long hand, and Big Ben strikes the bell 12 times. That is it. Noon. From that second onwards, in the English-speaking Anglosaxon we say 'good afternoon'.

BUT ... there is a difference in the Latino cultures and countries, which is that ...

A Spanish 'Good Afternoon' is said later

Yes, in Spanish speaking cultures the use of the phrase 'good afternoon' or buenas tardes! is said a couple of hours after noon, as in a couple of hours after the stroke of noon. But it is not a strict time that can be called with a stopwatch.

Saying 'good afternoon' or buenas tardes! is said from the early afternoon to the early evening. Again the transition from buenas tardes! to buenas noches! (good night) happens a little later in the evening than sundown... (or the usual time of sundown).

Just remember to say buenas tardes! or 'good afternoon' a couple of hours after noon

Don't worry too much if you get the timing wrong. It is truly no big deal. People will know what you mean, and once you have practised a few times, and heard the Latinos saying it a few times you will get a feel for when it is the right time to say buenas tardes! as 'good afternoon' in Spanish.

Now that you can say good afternoon in Spanish, try 'good-bye' in Spanish.

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Learn How to Say "Good Afternoon in Spanish"

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