To Help Learning Spanish Translate lots of documents!

To rapidly improve your Spanish translate at least one document a day.

Translation is a very powerful way to improve your progress with learning Spanish, and indeed any language.

Make sure you have a decent size document, from any of a number of sources.

A great start may be one of the on-line Spanish newspapers, so you can keep up to date at the same time.

Other sources are novels - check out Amazon, stories, newsletters, Spanish websites.

The most effective way to get the most out of this exercise is to write the translation out, rather than just reading it. Writing it down forces more discipline on you.

You can use a dictionary but you can also use the on-line translator here. Try and do as much on your own without the online translator first.

How to Use the Spanish Translate Tool

1. Enter your Spanish text in the free Spanish Translate tool to translate from Spanish to English and vice versa.

2. Then select the language you wish to translate into, in this case English to Spanish. There are 19 languages.

3. Before you get going however, - Bookmark this web-page and add it to your favourites.

To learn more about accelerated learning of Spanish vocab click here for 200 Words a Day learning information. Learn lots of words of Spanish translate them in your mind!

Translate Spanish articles and readings regularly

The more practise you put in to your translation the more progress you will make.

Do some every day.... and do some from Spanish to English, and from English to Spanish.

Find a pen-pal to whom you can write in Spanish. A good free site for this is

English to Spanish Translate Services & Spanish to English

For quotes on getting any document translated from Spanish to English or vice-versa simply contact us your requirements. Also German and French.

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