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All the important information on the flag of Andorra is here. Andorra is a small country in southwestern Europe in between France and Spain. Andorra only has 70,000 people living there. The main languages are Catalan, Spanish and French. The basis of its economy is tourism, and banking through its tax-haven status.

Flag of Andorra Description

The flag of Andorra is made up of three vertical bands. One is blue, oneyellow and the other is red. The Andorran flag has the country’s Coat ofArms centred in the middle yellow band.

flag of Andorra

Click on the little Andorra flag to see a bigger one.

History of the Flag of Andorra

The current flag of Andorra – known as the state flag - was introduced in 1866, adding a blue stripe to the red and yellow flag of Foix (Foix is a traditional provence in France with a flag of red and yellow stripes). By adding this blue stripe, both France and Spain are represented with two colours in the Andorran flag – blue and red for France, red and yellow for Spain.

Andorra flag information

There is a version of the state flag that is the same design except it does not bare the coat of arms. In Andorra it is used just as often as the state flag, as there is no legislation regarding the flag.

The coat of arms used on the Andorran flag is traditionally made up of four quarters. The four quarters are:

Top-left - the one of the Bishopric

Top-right – the one of Catalonia

Bottom-left – the one of Foix

Bottom-right – the one of Bearn

Facts on Andorra and more facts on the Andorran flag.

Map of Andorra.

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