Learn Spanish in Belize. Information & facts.

Total immersion is one of the best ways to learn a language. At some point in your language learning you need to get totally immersed to hear the language in action, in context, and repeated over and over and over.

It is especially effective if it's combined with:

  a good grammar learning system,(see on the Grammar pages on this site...)

  an effective and rapid vocabulary learning system (if you are not learning 200 words a day you are using an outdated system)

. . .take a few days or more to bone up on the vocab, and the families of words, before you launch off!

  . . . and an onsite course with a good teacher.

We are currently investigating language schools in Belize. However, you may wish to consider visiting a language schools in neighbouring Guatemala - click on the link below.

Learn Spanish in Belize info pending, go to Guatemala Here are a few hundred fun facts for you to bone up on before you scoot off to Central America for a Learning Spanish language boosting excursion.

Information on Belize

Previously called British Honduras until 1981. Territorial disputes between the United Kingdom and Guatemala delayed Belize’s independence.

Until 1992 Guatemala refused recognition the new nation.

Tourism is economy’s strongest earner.

Unemployment is still high despite growing travel to Belize building its burgeoning tourism industry.

Geography information on Belize

Geographical Position: Middle America, on Caribbean Sea, between Mexico and Guatemala.

Latitude & Longitude: : 17 15 N, 88 45 W

Total Area of country: total land: 23,000 square kilometres Water area: 160 square kilometres

Land border lengths: Total: 516 kilometres Neighbouring Countries: Guatemala 266 kilometres, Mexico 250 kilometres

Length of Coast: 386 kilometres

Climate information: tropical climate; generally hot and humid; rainy season from May through to November; dry season from February to May.

Terrain Features: Flat, swampy coastal plain; low mountains in south.

Elevation highs & lows: lowest elevation: Caribbean Sea at sea levelhighest elevation: Victoria Peak 1,160 m

Country’s Natural resources: arable land, lumber , fisheries, hydroelectric power.

Land use: cultivated land: 2% cropping land: 1% other: 96% (1998 estimate)

Natural geographical risks: Hurricanes from the 5 months June to November. Coastal flooding, mainly in the south.

People information on Belize

Population: 266,440 (July 2003 estimate)

Age Distribution: : under age 14 yrs: 41% (male 55,880; female 53,706) between 15 & 64 yrs: 55% (male 74,612; female 72,813) age 65+: 3% (male 4,571; female 4,858) (2003 estimate)

Median age: Total: 18 years male: 18 years female: 19 years (2002)

Population rate growth: 2% (2003 estimate)

Birth rate: 30 births per thousand population (2003 estimate)

Mortality rate: 6 deaths per thousand (2003 estimate)

Rate of Net Migration: 0 migrant(s)per thousand population (2003 estimate)

Total population: 1 male(s)/female (2003 estimate)

Infant mortality rate: Total: 27 deaths per thousand live births female: 23 deaths per thousand live births (2003 estimate) male: 30 deaths per thousand live births

Life Expectancy:

Total population: 67 years male: 65 years female: 69 years (2003 estimate)

Name given to people: Belizean

Racial groupings: Mestizo 48%, Creole 24%, Garifuna 6%, Mayan 10%, other 9%

Religions: Roman Catholic 49%, Protestant 27%, other 14%, nil 9% (2000).

Languages: English (official), Spanish, Mayan, Garifuna (Carib), Creole.

Literacy: : definition: age 15 and over can read and write

Total population: 94% male: 94% female: 94% (2003 estimate)

Government information on Belize

Formerly called British Honduras.

System of Government : Parliamentary Democracy

Capital: Belmopan

Independence: 21 September 1981

National holiday: Date of Independence 21 Sept 1981

Constitution: 21 Sept 1981

Legal & Law System: : English law

Voting system: : 18 years of age; universal

Head of State : Queen ELIZABETH II Head of Government: Prime Minister.

Economy information on Belize

Tourism in Belize is the leading industry, foreign revenue generator; cane sugar, citrus, marine products, bananas, and textiles, apparel and garments.

GDP: - $USD1 billion (2002 estimate)

GDP growth rate: 3% (2002 estimate)

GDP per head of population: - $USD4,900 (2002 estimate)

GDP make-up by sector: agriculture sector : 18% industrial sector: 24% service sector: 58% (2001 estimate)

Population below level of poverty: 33% (1999 estimate)

Labour force: 90,000

Labour force - by occupation: agriculture sector 27%, industry 18%, services 55% (2001 estimate)

Unemployment rate: 9% (2002)

Budget Figures: revenues: $USD224 million expenditures: $USD209 million, which includes capital spending of $USD70 million (2002 estimate)

Industries: Tourism is the biggest industry, garment production, apparel & textiles, food processing, construction

Exports $USD290 million (2002 estimate)

Exports - commodities: sugar, apparel, bananas, textiles, citrus, clothing, fish products, food products, molasses, lumber

Exports - partners: US 53%, UK 23%, Caricom 6%, Mexico 1% (2001)

Imports: $USD430 million c.i.f. (2002 estimate)

Imports - partners: US 47%, Mexico 11%, Central America 5%, UK 2% (2001)

Debt - external: $USD475 million (2001 estimate)

Currency: Belizean dollar (BZD)

Currency code: BZD

Communications information on Belize

Telephones lines in use: 31,000 (1997)

Radio Stations AM 1, FM 12, shortwave 0 (1998)

TV Stations: 2 (1997)

Internet Code: .bz

Transport, Travel to Belize and Tourism

Railways: 0 kilometres

Roading: Total: 2,880 kilometres paved roading: 490 kilometres unpaved roading: 2,390 kilometres (1998 estimate)

Navigable Waterways: 825 kilometres

Commercial Harbours/Ports : Belmopan, Big Creek, Corozol, Punta Gorda

Airports-Aerodromes : 42 (2002)

Military information on Belize

Military groupings & departments Belize Defense Force (including the Army, Maritime Wing, Volunteer Guard)

Military Spending - dollar figure: $USD7 million (FY00/01)

Military Spending - percent of GDP: 1% (FY00/01)

International Issues Belize

Guatemala claims half of southern part of the country.

Info sourced and adapted from the CIA Factbook

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