Learn the numbers from ten in Spanish to twenty.

How quickly and effectively can you learn these numbers
from ten in Spanish?

10 ... diez
11 ... once
12 ... doce
13 ... trece
14 ... catorce
15 ... quince
16 ... dieciséis
17 ... diecisiete
18 ... dieciocho
19 ... diecinueve
20 ... veinte


dieciséis literally means 10+6.... or ten and six.

The diez changes the 'z' to 'c' and the 'y' (which means and) changes to an 'i'.


diecisiete, dieciocho, diecinueve
work the same way, i.e. 10+7, 10+8, 10+9..... ten and seven, ten and eight, ten and nine...

dieciséis also adds an accent (é) onto the 'e'

so that the emphasis remains on the last syllable.

Now practise the numbers from ten in Spanish...

Do these numbers ten times, twice a day for the next seven days.

Do them forwards and then do them backwards.

Pronouncing the numbers in Spanish from ten to twenty, 10 to 20

10 - ten in Spanish is diez and is pronounced - DEE-ES in the Americas & Southern Spain and DEE-ETH in Spain.

11 - eleven in Spanish is once and is pronounced - ONSEY in the Americas/Southern Spain and ONTHEY in Spain.

12 - twelve in Spanish is doce and is pronounced - DO-SEY in the Americas & Southern Spain and DO-SEY in Spain.

13 - thirteen in Spanish is trece and is pronounced - TRESEY in the South Spain/Latin America and TRETHEY in greater Spain.

14 - fourteen in Spanish is catorce and is pronounced - CATO-RR-SEY in the Americas-Southern Spain and CATO-RR-THEY in the rest of Spain.

15 - fifteen in Spanish is quince and is pronounced - KEEN-SEY in the Americas-Southern Spain and KEEN-THEY in the rest of Spain.

16 - sixteen in Spanish is dieciséis and is pronounced - DIEY-SEE-SEY-EES in the Americas-Southern Spain and DIEY-THEE-SEY-EES in the rest of Spain.

17 - seventeen in Spanish is diecisiete and its pronunciation is - DEE-ES-EE-SEE-YETEY in the Southern Spain & the Americas and DEE-ETH-EE-SEE-YETEY in the rest of Spain.

18 - eighteen in Spanish is dieciocho, the pronunciation of which and is - DEE-ES-EE-OCHO in the Americas-Southern Spain and DEE-ETH-EE-OCHO in the rest of Spain.

19 - nineteen in Spanish is diecinueve and the pronunciation is - DEE-ES-EE-NOO-WEY-VEY in the Americas-Southern Spain and DEE-ETH-EE-NOO-WEY-VEY in the rest of Spain.

20- twenty in Spanish is veinte and is pronounced - VEIN-TEH.

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We hope you've enjoyed learning the numbers from ten in Spanish.

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