Learning Spanish Vocabulary can be easy.

Building up your Spanish Vocabulary is important to give you lots of pieces that fit in to the enormous language jigsaw puzzle.

Learning a language is such a big task, but you can speed up the learning process by quickly building up your Spanish vocab.

There are many, many schools of thought as to how best learn a language and whether grammar is more important than other aspects.

But I am a great advocate of first building a good vocab base when learning a new language.

Why build a big Spanish vocabulary base first?

Critics of this technique point out, correctly, that you cannot just translate word-for-word, sentence-for-sentence, from one language to the next.

This is true.

But the purpose of learning a language is generally to communicate.

What is the use of communicating 20 sentences with perfect grammar, but not being able to say anything else, when with the same amount of study using modern accelerated vocabulary learning techniques you can have several hundreds words of Spanish vocabulary in that time?

Most conversation in a language revolves around 800 base words.

The grammar can then build on top of the vocab...

So I say,

...learn 1,000 to 2,000 words of Spanish vocab fast...

... then pack the grammar, verb patterns and conjugations, expressions and phrases around that package.

The great Memory Experts teach us that the secret to really remembering something is to just visualize it a goofy, zany, crazy, silly scene.

Here try this. . .

The Spanish word for weak is


So imagine a lady feels weak when she gets DE BILL in the restaurant!

To find out more about the 200 Words a Day! system click on the link.

Click here to learn Spanish vocabulary at 200 Words a Day! or more.

With techniques like this you can see how quick it is to lay a solid base foundation of Spanish vocabulary on to which you can pack your other learning.

This applies whether you are just learning a bit of basic conversation as much as if you are doing a university degree in a language.

Spend a couple of weeks on building a good base of Spanish vocabulary and then carry on with the rest of your learning.

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Spanish Vocabulary
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