English Grammar for Students of Spanish

This book is small and easy to have a round in classes or just on your desk .

I come back to it again and a again when I am not sure if "I'm Saying that right". It is in English and shows you how things are "properly" said in English and then show you how to duplicate the same meaning in Spanish.

I have been study Spanish at the collegiate level since 2006 and this book has been by my side in every class. I used to use it more than I used my dictionary in the beginning.

It made me a better English speaker and writer as well as a better Spanish speaker. It's so simple and yet completely amazing in it's simplicity.

It would be a great addition to any beginner's library of reference books. Especially once you begin writing.

Many of my friends who are native speakers or more advanced in their studies prefer the sister version of this book "Spanish Grammar for Students of English".

It provides the same information but from the Spanish side and it is in simple Spanish to boot! For those that want to immerse themselves as much as possible in the learning of Spanish this book would be great.

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